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For many years Reliability Home has been serving the Dundalk area as the first choice for HVAC services. We offer everything from new HVAC units and fixture installation to emergency malfunction such as damaged ductwork, leaks, and loss of heat or air. 

We vow to bring the same degree of trust and professionalism to every home we enter.

Faithfully Servicing the city of Dundalk.

With the finest HVAC services. Reliability never leaves you without help. We are here to assist you whenever you need us for air conditioner repair. We are proud to partner with brands that you trust. Here’s why you can believe in Reliability Home:

To schedule HVAC services in Dundalk, fill out our contact form or call us today! 

Maryland: 443-399-8663
Pennsylvania: 717-746-4095

Our Home Services

HVAC Installation

Reliability is covered if you’ve been looking for quick and caring residential AC installation in Dundalk. We work with the top brands to provide hardware that will suit your unique needs.

HVAC Repair Services

No matter what type of heating and cooling systems you work with, you can expect maximum expertise and comfort with our repair services. It’s our philosophy to help and serve our customer base by working any time of the day to repair your HVAC system. During the summer, you need your AC to be ready to go. You can count on Reliability’s Air Conditioner repair and HVAC repair contractors.

Why Choose Reliability?

Licensed and Certified Technicians

Our technicians are the life and soul of Reliability. Our HVAC specialist are licensed and certified for any issue that arises, and they are passionate about their service, so you can trust that they have the best resolutions.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Our quality craftsmanship and materials are present on every job we take. We only use reliable and trusted products and equipment to ensure that your repairs our durable and safe.

Customized Treatment Plans

In a modern age where it feels like customer service is rare, you can be sure that Reliability will treat you as your own family. We will work with you and your needs to provide a personalized treatment plan that will fit your budget. Our technicians will work quickly and diligently to take care of your needs. 

Financing Available

Repair expenses can be incredibly stressful when dealing with an emergency repair or replacement. We understand that burden and want to help by offering financing options to fit your needs. Apply online to see if you qualify today.

Our Dundalk HVAC Maintenance Process

Step 1: Contact Us Immediately

At Reliability Home, your needs are our number one priority. As our client, you will receive customized care and solutions within your budget.

Step 3: Service Estimate

We will be able to give you an upfront price so that you won’t have any unexpected fees. You can be sure that we will stick to the original price we initially shared with you.

Step 2: Inspection and Testing

This step is when we will come to your property to meet you and diagnose any HVAC issues you will have. We can determine any problems, recommend service treatments, and offer solutions.

Step 4: HVAC Repair, Replacement, or Installation

After discussing the plan and pricing, we will commence with service, whether to repair, replace or install your HVAC systems. We specialize in both commercial and residential HVAC repair.

How Can I Tell if my HVAC system is damaged?

AC and furnace trouble is a typical household issue that can occur anytime in the day. Nonetheless, we can offer you a few things to look for if you think you might have a damaged HVAC system.

If you notice any of these issues, don’t wait for them to grow and build until they become major problems for your home. Call us immediately, and we can help you diagnose any HVAC issue.

Maryland: 443-399-8663
Pennsylvania: 717-746-4095

Schedule HVAC Services in Dundalk

Do you need assistance with an emergency repair to your furnace or AC, HVAC assistance, HVAC replacement, or anything in between? It’s essential to work with a company and technicians you can trust. 

The staff at Reliability have the skills, expertise, and knowledge to complete the job correctly and punctually. When you need emergency furnace repair near you, you can trust reliability.

Grant yourself peace of mind by choosing Reliability. We have been serving the community for over a decade, and we have the knowledge to know what will work and what will not!

After you work with us, you will never want to hire an amateur professional again.

Frequently Asked Questions

We exercise great caution when taking on any project and ensure that we have the proper equipment and uniform to keep your home, family, and ourselves safe.

Reliability technicians can do most repair or maintenance jobs in one day. You should try to reserve 1 or 2 hours for a complete service appointment. If you are tackling a bigger project like replacing your ducts, be prepared to dedicate several days to a week to complete the project.

HVAC systems usually make noise when they are damaged or dirty. A clog in the ducts, vents, or filters may be causing the air to force its way, causing a whistling noise. Or humming noises indicate that you may have an electrical issue. 

Noises from your HVAC system are not something to ignore! Usually, they indicate that you have a major issue within your HVAC system. Give us a call to receive the most comprehensive care in HVAC repair. 

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