What Makes A Thermostat Malfunction?

A thermostat is made from technology, so this means that at one point or another it’s possible for it to have problems and malfunction. Since there is wiring as well as a battery that goes in many thermostats, it’s possible for the problem to be with the programming itself, with the battery, with the electric wiring or other issues. When a thermostat starts to malfunction, then it’s possible that the central heating and cooling system will not work correctly, which can cause havoc in the Dundalk neighborhood home. Those who turn on the thermostat to heat or cool their home need it to work right away, so having a malfunctioning programmable thermostat can cause the home not to be heated or cooled as necessary when it’s expected. It’s always good to know the signs of a malfunctioning thermostat, especially if a professional needs to come out to fix the thermostat. Although it’s possible that the problem is with the central system itself and not the thermostat alone, it’s always a good idea to do some troubleshooting on the thermostat to find out exactly what the problem is.  

Things To Look For In A Malfunctioning Thermostat

  • A low battery sign
  • A dirty thermostat
  • No display at all on the thermostat
  • No heat or cool air when the thermostat is programmed
  • Thermostat isn’t reading the correct room temperature

Diagnosing Thermostat Problems

  • Those that have a thermostat should see a battery sign at one point or another when the battery starts to get low. The battery doesn’t need to be completely dead for it to cause the thermostat to malfunction, especially in thermostats that rely solely on the battery for power. Although it’s better to have a thermostat that’s connected to electricity, not every home has this type of thermostat, so the ones that rely on a battery need to change the battery as soon as the sign shows up.Having a low battery can cause all kinds of bad readings on the thermostat, which means the thermostat may kick on when it’s not supposed to, the room temperature may be incorrect, and the central system may not work at all. Since it’s very important to have a good battery in a programmable thermostat, it’s always best to replace it as soon as the low battery light comes on as opposed to waiting.
  • If you’ve been having problems getting your central heating system to work when you turn the thermostat on, then it’s a good idea to take a look at the thermostat to see how dirty it is. If the thermostat is so dirty that there is dust readily visible around the display as well as on the outside of the thermostat, then you can bet that the inside of the thermostat is no better.A dirty thermostat can cause misreadings, which can be causing the thermostat not to heat or cool the home as necessary. Cleaning the thermostat on the outside is not enough because the inside needs to be cleaned as well, and in certain cases, it’s necessary to take the thermostat off the wall to clean it thoroughly.
  • A thermostat with a blank display is obviously malfunctioning and probably not working at all. The cause of this may be a lack of electricity, a dead battery, or a completely shot thermostat. It’s possible for thermostats to go bad, but they don’t always need a replacement if they go bad, some can be fixed.Since thermostats can be quite costly, it’s always best to try to get a thermostat repair and have a professional fix it as opposed to going out to your local Dundalk shop and buying a brand-new one when the old one starts to malfunction. It may be necessary to replace the battery inside the thermostat if no display is being shown, or it’s possible that there is a short in the electricity that is connected to the thermostat. If replacing the thermostat’s battery doesn’t fix the problem, then the electricity may be the culprit, but if the electricity is still working and connected properly to the thermostat, then it’s possible that the thermostat was on its last leg and needs replacement. In order to examine and fix this problem, it’s best to get a professional out to the home to check out the thermostat to determine what has caused the display to go out.
  • You turn on the thermostat, but the home isn’t getting any warmer or cooler.It’s possible that your thermostat is reading the room temperature incorrectly, or it’s not able to turn on the heat or cool air as necessary because it’s having a problem of some kind. There are many problems that can cause a thermostat not to turn on the heat or cool air. The cause may be the battery, it’s in the realm of possibility that the thermostat is too dirty to function correctly, or the thermostat may be near a heat source that is giving it incorrect room temperature readings, or even that the thermostat itself has a problem that needs correcting. Any time a thermostat will not allow the central heating or cooling system to do its job, then that means something is very wrong, and a professional should be brought out to the home as soon as possible.
  • Some homes have other ways to read the room temperature other than using the thermostat. If the temperature of the room on the thermostat is completely different than other room temperature readings, then something may be wrong with the thermostat.Too much dirt in the thermostat or even a low battery, as well as other problems, may be causing the misreading of the room temperature. A misread room temperature may mean that the thermostat won’t turn on the heat or cool air when it’s needed, so a professional will need to determine exactly what the problem is in order to get it fixed.
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