Dundalk Drain Cleaning Services

A slow drain is a nuisance for sure. And sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t fix it yourself. Call Reliability Home Services when you need clogged drain repair!

Clogged drains happen to everyone no matter how careful you are. But while clogs are a pain, they can also damage your pipes if left untreated. When you have a stubborn clog you can’t get rid of, call Reliability Home Services for service in Dundalk and we’ll have you free-flowing in no time.

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What to Do When Your Drain Is Clogged

As mentioned above, most homeowners will have a clogged drain to deal with. When this happens, here are several steps you can try before calling a plumber.

  • Try using baking soda, boiling water, and vinegar down the drain to unclog the pipe
  • Use a plunger to dislodge the obstruction
  • If a plunger doesn’t work, try a drain snake to get deeper down
  • Chemical drain cleaners are effective, but can sometimes damage pipes. Use with caution
  • If all else fails, call a clogged drain repair company

If you need drain cleaning, make sure to hire a professional that will ensure safe clog removal. At Reliability Home Services, our plumbers have years of expertise handling even the toughest clogs. You can trust us for all of your drain cleaning, repair and maintenance needs.

What Causes Clogged Drains?

With all the use your drains get every day, it’s no wonder they clog periodically. Drain clogs are common, but when you know the causes, you can take steps to prevent them. Here are the most common reasons drains clog.

  • Hair
  • Food waste and cooking grease
  • Mineral buildup in old pipes
  • Flushing non-flushable items
  • Foreign objects

For all your clogged drain needs, contact us today! We are here for you!

The Truth About Flushable Wipes

You’ve seen them at the store; personal wipes advertised as flushable. But the truth that most plumbers will tell you is that these wipes don’t belong in the toilet because when they hit the 45 degree bend in the drain, they often get stuck. And the more you flush, the bigger the clog gets. For best results, only flush toilet paper down the toilet. And if you must use wet wipes, put them in the trash.

When you have drain clogs you can’t solve any other way, call Reliability Home Services in the Dundalk, MD area at 443-399-8663.