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Affordable Tanked Water Heater Services in Dundalk, MD

Reliability Home Services offers tanked water heater services in Dundalk, MD. We provide a wide range of water heater services that include water heater installation, repair, and replacement for both tanked and tankless water heater models. Our Dundalk plumbers have decades of combined industry experience. We have the training and skill to work on any type of residential or commercial heating system, new or old. 

When you hire Reliability Home Services for your water heater plumber, you get the benefit of fast service, quality work, and affordable rates without the hassle. We provide same-day service and emergency plumbing service as needed. Contact us today for an in-home assessment. Let us help you keep the hot water flowing through your plumbing system. 

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Tanked Water Heater Services We Offer in Dundalk, MD

Reliability Home Services offers a variety of valuable water heater services for any job you have in mind. Whether you need a new unit or want to repair your current water heater, we have everything you need. Our services include

Water Heater Installation

Today’s water heaters are more efficient and durable than the older models. They come with a range of features to enhance your hot water usage. Reliability Home Services can assess your plumbing and match your system with the right product that provides plenty of hot water for your entire household. Contact us today for a tanked water heater installation in Dundalk.

Water Heater Repair

Have you noticed that your hot water heater is not working as it should? Are you having difficulty setting the water temperature or getting hot water at all? If so, it may be time for hot water heater repair. We work on all types of water heater brands and models. Call today, and we’ll dispatch a Maryland-certified plumber to your home to fix your water heater.

Types of Water Heaters We Repair

At Reliability Home Services, our plumbing technicians keep up with the latest technology to provide the best water heater services for homes and businesses. We service two main types of water heaters.

Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters are appliances that use electricity to heat water for household use. The heating element is controlled by a thermostat that maintains the water temperature at a desired setting. Electric water heaters are a popular choice for residential and commercial applications because they are relatively easy to install, require minimal maintenance, and are affordable.

Gas Water Heaters

Gas water heaters are appliances that use natural gas or propane to heat water for household use. They consist of a tank that stores the hot water and a gas-fired heating unit that warms the water. The heating unit is controlled by a thermostat that maintains the water temperature at a desired setting. Gas water heaters are efficient, require minimal maintenance, and can heat water faster than electric water heaters.

Do You Need a Water Heater Inspection?

To keep your tanked water heater in proper working order, you should schedule a water heater inspection at least once a year with the Dundalk plumbers. For that Reliability Home Services is the best choice to pick. 

. What does an inspection include?

A water heater inspection should include checking the integrity of the gas lines and shut-off valves. Gas water heaters require proper venting through a chimney or appropriate vent line. A thorough water heater inspection checks venting to ensure carbon monoxide won’t build up inside the home.

We provide a comprehensive tanked water heater inspection to ensure that your system is in good condition and provides consistent, adequate hot water for your family. 

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Schedule Water Heater Services in Dundalk, Maryland

Don’t let a faulty water heater keep you from getting hot water for your shower or appliances. Contact Reliability Home Services to help you restore hot water to your plumbing system. We offer water heater services in Dundalk. Contact us today for an on-site assessment and plumbing estimate.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Water Heater Services

If your hot water keeps running out much faster than it used to, your home is likely in need of water heater repairs. Your water heater could have a broken dip tube, which should prevent cold and warm water from mixing in your tank. Another possible problem could be that the lower heating element in your electric water heater has failed. 

Water heaters can spring many different kinds of leaks. If you notice your water heater is losing water, take a closer look. Sometimes, the internal tank has a crack, or one of the pipe fittings has become loose. Try to see where the leak is coming from to better explain the issue to water heater repair services over the phone.

Slow wait times generally have to do with the plumbing in the home and are rarely cause for concern. Ranch-style houses tend to have longer pipelines, which means it takes longer for warm water to reach the faucet. You might need to call plumbing or sewer line repair services to alter your home’s water circulation system to remedy this issue.

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