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Protect your home and family this winter with heating services from Reliability Home Services ranging from the installation of heating systems to their repair and maintenance. We offer comprehensive heating services in Dundalk, MD. Our technicians have the training and experience to perform fast repairs on all heating systems, including furnaces and heat pumps. We work on all brands from leading manufacturers.

When the heating system goes out in your home, you need a reputable HVAC company in Maryland that you can trust to fix the problem. Reliability Home Services HVAC technicians arrive at your home promptly and get straight to work. We have the equipment to identify the problem and find the right long-term solution. When it comes to Furnace repair services in Dundalk, we are the comfort specialists. 

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Heating Services We Offer in Dundalk and Surrounding Areas

One of the benefits of hiring Reliability Home Services for your next heating job is that we can perform a broad spectrum of jobs for old and new systems. Some of our most popular heating services include:

Furnace Repair & Installations

You don’t have to wait for dependable furnace repair in Dundalk, MD. When you contact Reliability Home Service, we’ll send a technician out to your home right away to find and fix your furnace issues. We repair both standard furnaces and heat pumps, as well as advanced heating systems.

Furnace Inspection

When was the last time you scheduled a furnace inspection or heat pump inspection? If it has been a while, you may want to schedule an assessment before it gets cold outside. We recommend getting your system looked at before the winter season. Call today and let us perform a comprehensive, point-by-point furnace inspection to get you ready for winter.

What Are Some Common Causes of Furnace Failure?

The wear and tear of mechanical parts is the most common cause of your home’s heating system failure. Worn-out belts and bearings can cause overheating of the moving parts because of the stress put on the system. Fan motors that become loose or begin to wear down the shaft integrity can lead to serious problems with hot air flow.

Ignition controls and pilot lights are often the cause of a furnace failure. Ignition control is a hot surface filament that ignites a gas burner. A pilot light is continuously in operation but can go out if there is a clogged feed line. if the ignition system fails to operate, the furnace cannot turn on when commanded to do so by the thermostat.

The thermostat senses room temperature and uses this information to switch on auto-heat controls. If the small computer chip in the thermostat is malfunctioning or there is a loose connection, your heating unit will not operate.

What Are Some Warning Signs of System Malfunction?

If your airflow is cool, the furnace is not heated. A lack of natural gas pressure could cause it. It also might indicate that the heater’s electrical connections have become worn.

If your heater does not operate, it may be because of faulty thermostat control. 

If the heater operates but produces a whining sound, it usually means a fan or motor needs repair. If you can detect a metallic smell or burning odor, it means that some of the moving parts in the heater furnace are being overworked and are losing structural integrity.

Self-repair of the system is not an option for most homeowners. Besides, performing the work yourself can result in an invalidation of the system’s warranty. Instead, let the technicians at Reliability Home Services perform a multi-point system inspection to pinpoint the exact cause of your heater’s operations failure.

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Furnace repair or replacement can be expensive. A worn-out furnace can also cause a monthly spike in your utility bills. The best way to keep your furnace running efficiently and reliably each summer is to schedule annual AC maintenance. We offer our VIP Membership package to help you save time and money. What are the benefits of signing up for VIP Membership?

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Financing Available for AC Services in Dundalk

Are you considering financing an upcoming plumbing or HVAC project? Reliability Home Services has teamed up with Wells Fargo to help you achieve your indoor comfort goals. Enjoy convenient financing options and easy online bill pay upon credit approval.

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If your furnace or heat pump stops working, don’t delay fixing them. Contact Reliability Home Services today to schedule a heating inspection. We offer fast, dependable, emergency services in your area. To schedule heating services in Dundalk, fill out our contact form or call us.

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