These are just a few of the organizations we are involved with. We donate either our time or money, oftentimes both. At Reliability Home Services, we’ve made it our cause to promote community-based programs.
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Do Right With Rob

You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you. ―
HELLO and Welcome to “Do right with Rob”
HELLO, I’m Rob Matheny, writer, poet, motivational speaker, business coach, and business owner. This is my sister Crystal Coghlan the author of “Friendly Backstabbing”. We love helping our community, but when I told people about some of the local charities that I helped people had never heard of those charities. So me and Crystal created “Do Right With Rob”, and we have taken the time to highlight a few local charities, and get involved with their events. Highlighting these charities, and just taking the time to be part of their events brings a lot of needed attention and focus that is greatly needed. So help somebody and join us… As soon as this Corona Virus Pandemic lets up we will launch community events again.

This is some video proof our adventures with Do Right With Rob

The Big Blue Bash

The Better Business Bureau of Maryland hosts a big event every year called the Big Blue Bash . The Better Business Bureau is a Non Profit that protects consumers against fraud and scams.

The Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Here we are at the Walk. check out the dance moves on these kids.

Stars, Stripes and Chow

This is a Charity that helps homeless vets get back on their feet after returning from overseas.

Santa Claus Anonymous

This Charity is to help out children at christmas time. They provide gifts to needy children. Here’s us walking WOW it was cold that morning.

Soup for the Soul

This is one of my favorite charities and it is two parts. Soup for the soul provides much needed food to the homeless of Baltimore.

Soup for the Soul part 2

Reliability Home Services, Do Right with Rob, Saving Grace Ministries, and Soup for the Soul partnered up to bring meals to the needy of Baltimore City

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