When it comes to the comfort of your family during the heat of summer or chill of winter, your home’s HVAC system is vital.  It’s what makes your home livable during the most extreme times of the year. Despite that fact, most people take their HVAC system for granted and expect it to be functional and efficient whenever they need it. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. If you hear a buzzing system from your heater, you may need HVAC Repair In Stewartstown. Find out what the noise means and how you should handle the situation.

Does Buzzing Mean You Need an HVAC Repair in Stewartstown?

First, you should know that a buzzing sound coming from your heater isn’t necessarily horrible news. Although the noise is an indication of an issue, the problem might be minor. When your heater works well, it should be close to silent. You might hear a soft clicking as the system turns on or off, but you shouldn’t hear any jarring noises. Unusual noises are a sign that your HVAC needs help. And the longer you wait to call for help, the worse the problem will become. To prevent the need for a costly repair, you should call an expert as soon as you notice the buzzing sound. A technician can inspect your system and determine how to repair it.

1. Malfunctioning Transformer

Furnaces usually have a transformer that alters the incoming voltage to one that the furnace can handle. There are a few ways in which this component can fail and cause troublesome sounds in your heating system. Sometimes, this transformer can come loose from its mounting, which results in a buzzing sound as the system starts up. If the mounting of the transformer is secure or you have been able to tighten it on your own, the transformer itself is wearing out and you might need to get a replacement.  In this case, contacting HVAC repair services is critical. Only a trained professional should handle the repair.

2. Capacitor Issues

The capacitor on your heating unit stores electricity that the system uses to kick on the heat. This component is critical because, without the electricity stored in the capacitor, the system would not be able to turn on. Under normal circumstances, this process is silent and unnoticeable because it is a purely electrical function. But that can change. When a capacitor becomes faulty or wears out, it can cause a loud buzzing. This noise is a cause for concern. It’s a sign that you have an issue with the capacitor, which is critical in the communication between the thermostat and the HVAC system itself. Without the capacitor, the unit will not be able to turn on when heat is needed. If the cause of the troubling noise turns out to be the capacitor itself, you should contact an expert in HVAC repair services. As it is a storage unit for electricity, the capacitor is dangerous to be handling this component without the proper training and knowledge. Only someone who can safely work with an electrical unit should handle the repair.

3. Motor Malfunction

Another potential cause of an unnerving buzzing sound in your home’s furnace and HVAC system is the blower motor. The motor operates the fan, which moves the air that has been heated by the HVAC system through the ducts. Thanks to the blower motor, your system can  send comfortable air to all areas of your home. In many instances, the blower’s motor may be the cause of an irritating and worrying buzzing noise. Sometimes, this is a result of the motor itself being loose from its mounting. The  assembly may rattle where it should be stationary. Another possibility is a lack of lubrication. If the motor or fan doesn’t have the right amount of lubrication,the fan could make a strange noise. As a worst case scenario, the entire blower and fan assembly may be totally worn out or faulty. If this is your cause of the noise, you will probably only notice the noise when the system is on and the unit is generating and distributing heat. Again, you should contact an HVAC repair service in order to handle this fix in a timely and safe manner.

4. Loose Air Ducts

The duct system responsible for blowing air from your heating system to every corner of your home may also be responsible for the buzzing noise. Usually, the ducts of a heating system snake throughout the attic. Because of this, one of the first signs that these ducts are to blame is a mystery buzzing. The noise may not seem to come from your HVAC system itself. When a duct is improperly secured or sealed, air passes through the system and causes movement and vibration between individual panels. The result is a buzzing sound occurring. If you hear this noise coming from anywhere but the furnace itself when the system is operational, you should ask an expert to check your duct seals. On your own, you may be able to fix some leaks by using sealant or foil tape (NOT duct tape, despite the name) to properly seal any gaps. However, a professional will be able to complete the work more thoroughly and locate all the leaks. You may need HVAC installation services to replace your ducts.

5. Loose Components

It may also be worth checking the connections and mountings of the various components on your furnace system. Since there are many moving parts that are in constant use throughout the year, many HVAC components will come loose from their mountings over time. Loose screws or panels may be the cause of rattling or buzzing when your system is running. To make sure there are no glaring issues in your system that are causing this issue, schedule an inspection by a professional as soon as you can. As with all other issues, contacting an HVAC repair service in Stewartstown is your best course of action. Only a trained professional will be able to check your system from head-to-toe and repair any issues. Call us at Reliability Home Services for help.