Tankless water heaters can be a great addition to your home. Though more costly in initial price, tankless heaters are more cost-effective and efficient in the long run.  As with all other appliances, however, you’re bound to run into some issues in the heater’s lifespan. Here are some warning signs that your tankless water heater in Dundalk needs replacement.  

1. Temperature Control Issues

The most obvious issue a tankless water heater can have is a failure to deliver hot water. On the other hand, you may have water that is far too hot. Generally, this problem is easy to handle. Simply adjust the heater’s thermostat to regulate the temperature of the water coming out of the tap. If this does not solve the problem, however, there may be a major issue on the water heater itself. If the heater runs on gas, it could be an issue with a leaky or clogged gas line. If the heater runs on electricity, there may be a problem with the wiring or heating element.

2. Discolored/Smelly Water

Another obvious problem that could present itself is discolored or smelly water. Especially if you are running on a well system, you should filter out water and rid of contaminants that could cause any such discoloration or odor. It is important to be sure of the source of the coloration before blaming your tankless water heater. Check the water’s discoloration or odor when the tap is running both hot and cold. If the discoloration and odor are present in only the hot and not the cold water, then the issue lies in your water heater. Call someone for plumbing and HVAC repair in Dundalk.

3. Leaks

A major cause for concern is a leak in your hot water heater. Not only do leaks threaten damage to your water heater system, they also affect the whole area around the unit. Your walls, floors, other appliances, and more could experience damage. When you notice any sort of pooling of water in the vicinity of your water heater, take immediate action. First, make sure that the leaking water is not coming from any external pipes that are either flowing into or out of the heater itself. A plumber can make this fix for you in a short time. If the leak is somewhere within the tankless water heater itself, you should have concerns. If you don’t call up a plumber, you could be in for more property damage.

4. Low Water Flow

Among the more annoying of the water heater issues, low water flow is a definite sign of a deteriorating system. This is not something you should take lightly, as letting it continue will only make the problem worsen over time. The first course of action is to make sure this decreased water pressure is present in all the taps the water heater services. If it is present everywhere, the problem may be related to a buildup of sediment or scale in the pipes or internal mechanisms of the heater itself. If you clean the filters and clear external pipes, your water heater needs help. Don’t waste any time calling a professional for plumbing and HVAC installation in Dundalk.

5. Unusual Sounds

For the most part, water heating systems run quietly. So, when you hear an unusual noise, you should think of the sound as an alarm bell. Iit is very likely that there is a problem within the system. Generally, loud cracking, hissing, or gurgling indicate a major issue in your water heater. These noises may be a result of burning scale or sediment that has built up around the heating element. If these problems arise, you are in need of a repair. At the very least, the heating element may need a replacement. For the best results, you should call a plumbing services company to come help diagnose the severity of the issue.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know if my tankless water heater is bad?

The first sign of a water heater going bad is a lack of hot water production. This can be a result of many issues, ranging from the system’s thermostat to the heating element itself. If the unit is no longer able to keep up with the demands of the home, the system may need a replacement or a repair. Although there are many other signs of water heater trouble, they aren’t as obvious. You should get to know your water heater. If it makes unusual noises, leaks, or does anything else out of the normal range of operation, call for help. There’s no reason to wait for a repair or a replacement, and your hesitation can cost you money.

What is the useful life of a tankless water heater?

If you properly maintain your tankless water heater, it may last in excess of 15 years. Depending on several factors, it sometimes lasts up to 20 years. This requires a good knowledge of your system and regular maintenance of the system’s components, especially its heating element. By providing the proper maintenance for your heater and paying a professional for a quality installation, you may be able to extend its lifespan. It might cost some money and time, but your efforts will pay off.

How do I know what size tankless water heater I need?

The main factor in determining the size of the tankless water heater is flow rate. Of course, you probably don’t have training in these calculations, nor do you need the training. When you work with an experienced technician, you can make sure you end up with the right size. After looking at the size of your household, the use of your appliances, and other factors, a plumber can give you a size estimate. When it comes to buying a tankless water heater, you should evaluate your options carefully. The wrong choice could leave you with cold showers and a future of costly repairs. If you think it’s time for a new tankless water heater, give us a call at Reliability Home Services. Our plumbers are happy to help you with all of your tankless water heater needs.