In the summer, air conditioning is a must for those who want to stay cool. AC units are a popular way of staying comfortable year-round. But what happens when your AC unit has a faulty sensor or, worse, stops working altogether?    This article will walk you through 5 signs that may indicate something wrong with your AC sensor and how you can find out if it needs replacement or repair services. *Hint: The first sign could be as easy as checking to see if the AC has been turned off!* In any case, knowing these signs now will help you save time and money in the future by catching and fixing problems before they cause any severe problems.  

What is an AC sensor?

  To ensure your home is cool, comfortable, and dry all year round, you’ll need an AC system with sensors. These tiny components measure temperature in rooms to help regulate settings on the control panel according to the needs of individual homes or businesses. When an AC sensor is not working correctly, it won’t accurately measure temperatures in the room, leading to the unit turning on and off at intervals that could result in premature failure.  

5 Signs of a Faulty AC Sensor

  A few telltale signs indicate that your air conditioning system might not be working correctly. One of these is if you find yourself with an AC unit running even when the room has reached its desired temperature. This can happen for various reasons, such as faulty sensors or failure in insulation around windows near where they’re located on walls/sides. Here’s how to determine whether there’s something wrong:  

It is Constantly Running

  A few different things can cause your AC to turn on even when you don’t need it, such as sensors or wiring. If this happens and the unit has been running for an extended period without shutting off properly, then there may be something wrong with one of these components – or both! A professional electrician will know exactly what needs fixing, so they’ll either fix everything at once. Just like Reliability Home Services, their team of HVAC professionals in Stewartstown, MD, are well-equipped and experienced in handling any HVAC situation. Whether it’s AC repair services or HVAC installation, this is the right HVAC company that’s right for you!  

There are Irregular Temperature Readings

  If your AC shows irregular temperatures, where sometimes it’s much cooler than other times, this can indicate AC sensor malfunction. This, in turn, will lead to AC sensors needing replacement.  

The AC Fault Indicator is On

             Air conditioning systems are equipped with error codes displayed on a control panel when the unit is running a malfunction. So, If your air conditioner’s fault indicator is on and you are wondering what it means, it means that something is wrong.   Consider an AC sensor replacement from one of your trusted local HVAC companies when this happens. When looking for AC repair or replacement in Stewartstown, there is no better company to call than Reliability Home Services. With over 20 years of experience in the business, we have built a good reputation for our reliability, friendly customer service, and best value for money! With us, any of your HVAC services needs will be taken care of carefully because we believe in making your home a better place to live.  

You Cannot Change Settings with the Remote Control

  There is another symptom that might indicate an issue with your HVAC system. One sign could be if you’re getting false alarms on the remote control, like when switching between temperatures, and it doesn’t respond accurately at all. When this happens, and you know for sure that there isn’t something wrong with the remote control, then it’s an indication that your air conditioner has a faulty sensor.   

Monthly Utility Bills are Higher

  When you experience higher than usual monthly utility bills, it is often due to an air conditioner’s faulty sensor. The most common reason for this situation involves the unit’s ability or inability to read temperature fluctuations and respond accordingly. Problems with these sensors can result in increased energy consumption during hot weather when you’re using your AC more frequently just because it is trying hard to keep cool.  

Reliable AC Sensor Replacement Services in Stewartstown, MD

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