An air conditioner maintenance service can do wonders for your central AC. But hiring a professional is only one way in which you can keep your system working well. If you want to reap all the benefits of a well-maintained AC, there are a few things you can do on your own. Find out what you should do to make sure your air conditioner in Stewartstown is in good shape. 

1. Cut Back Plants Around Your Unit

You might like the idea of covering up your exterior AC unit. Known as the condenser, this essential component of your AC may be a monstrosity to look at. As hard as you work to keep a beautiful yard, you probably want to cover up this unappealing piece of machinery. Many homeowners use plants to create a barrier around their condenser. However, this comes with consequences. Using plants or fences around your condenser makes for poor airflow to your condenser. It makes your system work hard to cool your home. Part of your AC maintenance should be clearing the space around your unit. If you have plants near the condenser, trim them to be at least three feet away. Remove any tall weeds and use a weed wacker to cut down tall grass around the unit. 

2. Check the Condenser for Debris

Despite your efforts to maintain a barrier around your condenser, leaves and branches can make their way into your AC. Check your unit frequently for debris by peeking into it. If you see any stray leaves or debris nearby, throw them away.  Your condenser could still work if there’s debris in it. But it won’t be efficient, and the debris could eventually damage the fan. To make the most of your AC, make sure the condenser stays clean. 

3. Rinse Away Pollen

Depending on where you live, pollen could be a major annoyance in the spring months. In addition to annoying you, pollen has another consequence. It gets on your condenser and could be pulled into your HVAC system. The more pollen you have in your AC, the harder your system needs to work. Additionally, the pollen could affect your air quality and trigger allergies. To keep this from happening, use your hose to rinse off the condenser gently. Spray from top to bottom, and don’t spray inside the unit. Your condenser is a sensitive piece of equipment, so spraying the fan or other components too hard could cause trouble.  There is a way to clean inside your condenser, but it involves working with someone who does air and heating near me. A trained professional knows how to clean off your AC without doing any damage. 

4. Don’t Close the Registers

It’s a common misconception that closing your registers is a way to keep your AC from working too hard. In an effort to redirect airflow from an empty room, you might close the register. Unfortunately, closing your air vents does more harm than good.  If you close one or more registers, your AC will try to push air through the vent. It has no way of knowing that you don’t want that part of your home cooled. The extra stress on the system causes wear and tear and could even result in a malfunction.  If you want to keep one area of your home cooler than others, you should speak to an HVAC technician. Some systems allow you to set up temperature zones, which give you more control over where your cold air goes. 

5. Change Your Filters

You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s worth reminding yourself of this tip. For your air conditioner to work efficiently, you need to change out your filters. Filters catch pollen, dust, and other particles before they travel through your ducts. Over time, your filters accumulate a thick film of debris.  If you don’t clean or replace your filters, the particles make it difficult for your AC to suck in the air. There’s no doubt that your system will suffer because of this. Your health may also decline as more particles end up in your home’s air.  During the warmer months, check your filters more frequently. As you use your AC more, you’ll collect extra particles and may need to change it out more often. 

6. Use a Programmable Thermostat

Technology does some amazing things for you, including making your HVAC system more efficient. A programmable thermostat is an invaluable tool because it allows you to make better use of your AC. When you’re at work or school, set your AC to a warmer temperature. Have it set to automatically keep things at the coolest when you’re actually in your home.  If you use a smart thermostat, you can be even more efficient. Smart thermostats suggest the most efficient settings and give you the ultimate control of your AC. With the click of a button, you can turn your AC on or off or adjust the temperature. 

7. Limit the Sunlight

When sunlight enters through your windows, it warms up your home. You can help out your AC by limiting the sunlight that comes inside. To accomplish this goal, install blinds and drapes on your windows. Keep them closed when the sun is bright.  Plant trees or bushes outside your window to give you more shade. As an added benefit, they’ll add to your curb appeal. 

8. Get a Professional Inspection

At least once a year, you should have a professional come out and inspect your AC. When you look for a company that offers air and heating near me, look for someone that has maintenance plans. Annual maintenance is a good start, but you can usually find bi-annual or quarterly plans.  When an expert performs an inspection and annual maintenance, they check for potential issues with the system. They know what it takes to keep your AC running and go through a lengthy checklist.  If you’re interested in learning more about maintenance, call us at Reliability Home Services. Our air conditioner maintenance service is an excellent way for you to keep your Stewartstown AC running when you need it. Contact us today.