Why Is It Important to Change my Filters in a Timely Basis?

The air filters in a home’s heating and air cooling systems are an important part of maintaining the health of the system and the air they generate. These filters work hard to trap particles and allergens within them.

Preventing harmful airborne agents from circulating around the home or building is just one important aspect that a filter plays.

How Often Should One Change The Filter?

HVAC professionals suggest that the filters in your home’s system be changed every one to three months. The frequency of the filter changes will depend on a number of factors. Among these factors is whether or not there are pets in the home. Pet dander can get clogged up in the filters and cause the machinery to have to work harder.

Another factor is whether or not the home is regularly dusted and vacuumed. How often dust and dirt are removed from the home will depend on how much debris gets in the air and ultimately in the filters. The cleaner the hoe is kept, the fewer the number of times per year that the filters will need to be changed.

Why Is Filter Replacement Important?

One of the main reasons why filter replacement is important is to elongate the life of the heating or cooling system. When dust, debris and allergens get into the filters it causes the system to have to work harder to perform at the same level. The more debris in the filters, the harder the system works, the harder the system works, the greater the chance for breakdowns.

Another reason for changing the filters so often is health related. If the unit stops working effectively and efficiently, then it will not trap the dust and allergens that are in the air. This means that the individual will begin to breathe these substances. This can cause respiratory issues, asthma inflammation, as well as sickness.

Making sure that the home is healthy and free from harmful substances is an important thing we must all do. When the home atmosphere becomes dangerous to self and health, steps must be taken to eradicate the danger.

One such way to rid the air of the dangers that exist is to regularly check and change the filters in the heating and cooling systems.

Taking the steps to make sure the filters are clean and clear of debris and allergens is the perfect way to make the small steps to assuring better air quality and protecting the health of all who live in the home.

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