People often wonder whether drain cleaning services in Dundalk are necessary. In fact, some individuals aren’t sure if these services can be harmful to their plumbing. Learn the facts about hiring a professional in Dundalk for your drain cleaning and any related services. 

Should You Rely on Chemicals?

If you take a general view of drain cleaning, it’s easy to assume any drain cleaner is good for you. After all, your drains see some pretty disgusting things. Soap scum, hair, and fat all make their way down your drains. Over time, clogs and blockages keep water from flowing through your pipes. So, drain cleaning is essential. It’s often the only way to remove blockages, and this prevents your pipes from bursting. Think about what happens when water can no longer flow through a pipe. The pressure builds and builds until the pipe can no longer withstand it. If you have an uncleared blockage in your plumbing, you could develop a burst pipe. With all that said, chemical drain cleaners aren’t the answer. If you head to your favorite big box store, you can probably find five different drain cleaning chemicals. The directions are simple – pour the chemical down the drain, wait for the chemicals to eat away at the blockage, and poof. Your pipes are clear. Unfortunately, there’s something the drain cleaning solutions don’t mention to you. In addition to eating away at your blockages, chemicals also eat away at your pipes. While chemicals could prevent burst pipes caused by clogs, they can also cause burst pipes by deterioration. 

A Bandaid for the Problem 

It’s also essential to realize that chemical drain cleaners don’t fully clean your pipes. If you have a clog close to your sink, the cleaner may remove the blockage. But it won’t be as effective on the next clog or the following one.  Furthermore, a drain cleaner might not fully remove the clog. If it only partially removes the debris, the drain cleaner won’t address the real issue. Water flow will be restricted, and debris will continue to collect in your pipes. In only a few months, you may have another major blockage.  In the end, using a chemical drain cleaner can cost you money. It doesn’t matter if you try to use the chemicals yourself or if you find a service that uses chemicals; only bad things can come of it. 

Poor Air Quality 

Another problem associated with using chemicals in your drains is the air quality. In this day and age, there are enough chemicals in everything. You don’t need more chemicals polluting the air in your home.  The moment you open a drain cleaning solution, you release toxins into the air. Over time, exposure to the toxins can result in coughing, red eyes, and other issues. Your immune system could constantly be under attack, thanks to your dependence on toxic chemicals If you do opt for using chemicals in your drains, do your best to ventilate your home. Keep your windows open for several hours after using the cleaner. Similarly, keep your fans turned on to circulate the air. 

Skin Issues

Typically, chemical drain cleaners contain sulfuric acid. When sulfuric acid comes into contact with your skin, it results in a chemical burn. If you have kids and they accidentally spill sulfuric acid, the results could be disastrous.  Accidental spills or splash back can leave you the next victim of a chemical burn. And although you might think drain cleaning accidents are rare, they happen about 3000 times each year. 

What are the Right Tools for the Job?

If chemical drain cleaners aren’t the right way to remove a clog, what is? There are several tools you can use to keep blockages from slowing your pipes, but none of them are DIY tools.  For instance, you can use a drain snake to pull out certain clogs from your pipes. But this isn’t a DIY method of clogged drain repair because misusing a drain snake can damage your pipes. If you have an old home, the pipes could easily rupture.  If you work with a reputable plumber, they’ll probably perform a video inspection of your pipes. They use a snake with a camera to see what’s going on inside your plumbing. This allows them to identify the blockages in your plumbing. 


One of the more effective methods of removing deep clogs is called hydrojetting. After connecting a hose to your drains, a plumber sprays high-pressured water through your pipes. Clogs don’t stand a chance against the water and move through the line.  Once again, hydrojetting is not a DIY method of drain cleaning. You need the right tools and the right training for hydrojetting to be an option. Therefore, you should leave the drain cleaning to the pros.

Who Will Clean Your Drains?

If you have clogs in your plumbing, your whole plumbing system is in danger. But chemical drain cleaning services aren’t the answer to your problems. They’ll cause more trouble for you and leave you with an even more damaged plumbing system. As soon as you notice issues with your plumbing, call a professional plumber. A reputable company won’t use chemicals to remove clogs. Rather, they will use tried and tested methods to remove clogs from your plumbing. A good plumber will remove your clog quickly without doing any damage to your pipes.  You can’t trust every plumbing with your plumbing. For that reason, you should research your options. Look for a plumber with a strong reputation and years of experience in the industry. Here at Reliability Home Services, we are more than capable of taking care of your clogs. You can depend on us for all of your plumbing needs. 

Call Us for Drain Cleaning Services

Are you looking for drain cleaning services? Common signs of trouble include slow drains, smells from your drains, and gurgling sounds. If you suspect a clog or just want peace of mind that your plumbing has no clogs, give us a call. The sooner you clean out your drains in Dundalk, the longer your plumbing will last.