It’s time to do a search for plumbing services near me if your bathroom has begun to feel a bit swampy due to wet conditions. Plumbing problems can crop up in the bathroom in more ways than you might have ever considered. Do you have the tools and know-how to perform plumbing basics? If not, then drips, clogs, running toilets, and yucky slow-draining sinks are among the reasons to call your trusted Dundalk MD plumber without delay. Read on to find out about common problems with bathroom plumbing and when to call the experts at Reliability Home Services.

Dripping Faucets

Have you ever noticed that the drip-dripping of a leaky bathroom faucet eventually turns into a steady stream? The water loss from a dripping faucet can mean hundreds of wasted gallons of water if the leak continues for a year, but that’s just one reason to call a plumber. Drips can involve a minor fix, such as replacing a worn-out washer–they all need to be replaced at some point. If a sink is rarely used, the rubber washer is more apt to crack, dry out, and cause a leak more quickly. The dripping might also be a sign of something more serious. Leaky faucets are sometimes a warning of poor drainage, high water pressure, or a broken valve.

Running Toilet

Every single day, a running toilet can result in as many as 200 gallons of water wasted. The problem is usually caused by a flapper valve gone wrong. The valve controls the passage of water from the tank to the bowl. Hardware stores usually carry a toilet repair kit that fixes the problem, though basic skills and some tools are required to do the repair.

Another possibility is a leak. You can check out this theory by putting food coloring in the upper tank. If the coloring gets into the toilet bowl without flushing, you have a leak. More potential causes follow:
  • On rare occasions, a running toilet is caused by sediment interfering with flushing and filling.
  • Corroded toilet handle
  • The flapper chains are the wrong size

A Slow-Draining Shower, Tub, or Sink

Drainage problems can become health hazards and cause plumbing disasters. Health problems occur because a slow drain is the perfect breeding ground for pathogens such as mildew, mold, and bacteria, which can cause respiratory issues and infections.

When bathroom appliances drain slowly, it’s usually because of hair, soap, and other debris that blocks drainage. It’s important to quickly remove the clog because plumbing repair just becomes more expensive over time, due to the worsening of the situation.

Plumber Services Near Me Needed for Low Water Pressure

If your water pressure is poor to the point you can hardly take a decent shower, the cause could be a buildup of limescale on the showerhead. The remedy may be as easy as using a product that removes the buildup or replacing it with a new showerhead. If the problem is in the bathroom sink, determine whether the low pressure is for cold as well as hot water. If both are slow, you may be able to resolve it by removing the faucet aerator, cleaning off any mineral deposits or debris, and replacing it.

Do a search for plumbing services near me or, if you’re in Dundalk MD, simply call Reliability Home Services when low water pressure continues after trying the above tips. A professional plumber will check the water pressure at the water meter. In homes with old galvanized water lines, it’s common for rust and oxidation to build up, which hinders water flow. The solution is to replace the plumbing system. You may just have very hard water, however, which can be resolved by having a water softener and filter installed. There are various other possible causes of low water pressure, including an unknown water leak in your home or a blocked sewer line.

No Hot Water

A faulty water heater is one of the bathroom plumbing problems professional plumbers routinely handle. If you discover while in the shower that there’s no hot water, it’s a jolting wake-up call that something has gone wrong with the water heater. Restoring hot water may be as simple as relighting the pilot light. There could be something a bit more serious, though, such as sediment build-up in the hot water tank or heating element failure. The thermostat may be the culprit. When lack of hot water is caused by anything other than a pilot light that’s gone out, call the pros.

Clogged Toilet

When the water in your toilet bowl fills up without draining, you have a clogged toilet. You may also have a disgusting flood to deal with, caused by an overflowing toilet. Normally, the clog is caused by a combination of toilet tissue and human waste. Unfortunately, things are often flushed that should not be, such as wipes and kleenexes, which can cause serious backup. Using a plunger can often resolve the problem. Most of the time, a sewer snake or drain auger will do the trick when the plunger won’t. These items are available at hardware stores. Of course, you can call your plumber to do the work instead of investing in the tools and doing it yourself.

Sometimes the blockage in the toilet isn’t local, which means basic equipment can’t fix it. In such cases, a plumber will usually need to remove the toilet and use a sewer rod to fix the toilet clog.

Sewer Smells

Persistent sewage smells can be caused by loose toilets, leaky sewage pipes, and a number of other plumbing matters. It’s important to understand that potentially harmful gases could enter your home if, for instance, a dry shower trap or another dry plumbing issue is the cause. Drains and toilets can lose the water barrier in plumbing systems when they aren’t used for a long period of time; as a result, the home is subject to smelly sewage gas leaks.

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