As the heat and humidity take over Maryland, the cost of keeping your home cool and comfortable creeps upwards. During that oppressive heat, most people are looking for ways to keep their energy costs in check while still having the cool comfort inside. We prepared some suggestions that will help you achieve this.

Add Some Trees or Shrubs Around Your Home

Most of the heat that gets absorbed into your home comes from the direct sunlight shining through your windows or onto your roof. The addition of leafy trees around your house will provide shade that will help keep it from getting too warm. And if your air conditioning unit is in direct sunlight, you could improve its efficiency by up to 10% just by planting trees or shrubs to give it some shade.

Spend more time in the basement.

Cool air is heavier than warm air. Therefore, hot air rises while cool air seeks the lowest possible place. For that reason, you can expect your basement to be a few degrees cooler than the floors above. If you spend more time in your basement, you can set your thermostat a few degrees warmer and still be cool and comfortable.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can be used to help your A/C system get the job done. Your ceiling fan can draw the heavier cool air upwards to bring the temperature down on your upper floors. The displacement of air also helps the body’s natural ability to regulate its temperature by assisting with the evaporation of sweat from the skin. If your home doesn’t have any ceiling fans, consider having some installed. It’s an easy and cost-effective way to boost your air conditioning system’s efficiency.

Adjust the Temperature When You’re Away From Home or Asleep

When you’re away at work and the house is empty, there’s no need to keep it quite as cool as when you’re there. The same holds true while everyone is asleep at night. If you set your thermostat a few degrees warmer during those times of the day, you could see some significant savings on your energy bills. With a programmable thermostat, the adjustments can happen automatically, so that you’ll always return home or wake up to a cool and comfortable environment. If you follow these easy suggestions, you’ll soon see quite a difference in your cooling costs. And when you need advice or service to help keep your Dundalk, MD home comfortable, call (443) 399-8663 for the friendly professionals at Reliability Home.