Chances are, most homeowners will face a heating emergency at least one in their lifetime. These emergencies, which are worse for those in colder climates, definitely want to be avoided. Although proper maintenance and repairs can help, sometimes heating fails. The important thing is knowing what to do when dealing with a heating emergency.

Check the Basics

Our heating and cooling professionals are always there to help but sometimes we are called out when there is not a problem at all. For this reason when homeowners think they are faced with a heating emergency it is important to check the basics. Oftentimes the furnace has been accidentally turned off. To make sure that this is not the problem simply check your breaker and ensure that the switch on or next to the equipment is turned on. Also ensure that your thermostat is set to heat.

Choosing Who to Call

Although choosing who to call will take some time, it is important to put some thought into this decision. You want to hire true professionals that will get the job done correctly. More importantly you want to go with a company that is NATE certified, has all the proper licensing and has a good reputation with the Better Business Bureau. Also check online to read reviews posted by others that hired them. This will take some extra time but keep in mind that they are coming into your home to make a repair so wise decision making is important. Also remember to avoid making your choice solely based on a low price. Quite often the cheap comes out expensive.

Use Your Backup Heat

While you are making your decision on who to hire and to make being without heat more bearable consider your backup heat options. When dealing with a heating emergency having a temporary source of heat such as portable electric heaters can be a lifesaver.

Overall, dealing with a heating emergency is simple. For starters, when you discover that your heat is not working, check the basics. Ensure that your furnace is on and check the setting on your thermostat. If that is not the problem do a little research before choosing a heating and cooling company and then make the call. While you wait it is always good to have backup heat on hand to make the wait more comfortable. Soon enough a heating and cooling tech will be there to fix the problem.

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