Doing yearly heating maintenance services is important to saving you money. The best time to have it serviced is in the Fall. This is right before the winter season when you will be using it the most. If you wait until you need it in the winter time, you not only take a chance of it not working properly, you may have the problem of it not working at all. The last thing you want to happen, is to be without heat when the temperature drops in the winter. If that happens, you not only might have the problem of having to wait until a heating technician if available, but you will probably be paying considerably more for a house call. There also may be a problem getting the parts that are needed, and there will probably be more expensive problems to fix that may have been avoided by scheduling a yearly maintenance check. Early detection is key to saving money. A lot of problems can be caught before they cause further problems and damage to crucial parts that affect the running of your heater. If you hear any unusual noises, notice any change in the way your heater works, or if it seems to not be working as it usually does, this is a good sign that you need to have a professional check it out before the possible problem gets worse. A maintenance check is a whole lot cheaper than a new heating system. You want your heater to be working at it’s peak performance. The better it runs, the cheaper your electric bill will be. Energy efficiency is key to having a lower electric bill. If the parts are dirty, clogged, or just need adjusting and lubricating, that could mean all the difference in how it runs. Your heater will have trouble reaching the temperature your thermostat is set on, if it is not running efficiently. Even something as simple as changing the air filter can make all the difference in the world to how it runs and saving you money. Another benefit to having a yearly maintenance check done, is to prevent repairs being done in the future. Future damage can be prevented, by catching small problems early. This could involve wiring, belts that are worn, or even built up dust. It is imperative this be done by a professional. Never try to save money by doing it yourself. By missing key problems, or just not knowing enough about the system, could cause major repair bills down the line. This also causes the system to run up se major repair bills down the line. This also causes the system to run up a high electric bill because the heater is not running efficiently. One of the most frequent problems with a heater is not changing the filter. When you leave a filter in too long, it becomes dirty. The dirt restricts air flow which causes the heater to get too hot. When this happens, the parts become oxidized, which causes the heater to work improperly, and can cause parts to crack or break. This problem can be fixed by simply replacing the filter every 30-60 days. This is much cheaper than a high electric bill or a repair bill. The same problem can be caused by the drive belts becoming loose or broken. If the belts are lose, they can also wear grooves in the pulleys, which will wear out the belts that will be put on in the future, and they will have a considerably shorter life. Belts are considerably cheaper than the cost of replacing the pulley. Looking to hire Heating services in your Dundalk community? Call Reliability Home Heating & Air Conditioning toady at (443) 399-8663.