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Your heater has many different elements that work together to heat your home efficiently. Trust Reliability Home Services to make sure your heat pump installation, repair, and replacement services are performed with precision and accuracy. Dial 443-399-8663 today for your free estimate and speak with us.
Heating and cooling systems have many components, but the one element that most do not consider is the heat pump. The heat pump is an essential unit, as it is the device responsible for moving hot air from one location to another using a small amount of energy.
While this may sound simple enough, the heat pump is actually extremely important in ensuring that your unit is operating properly. At Reliability Home Services in Dundalk, MD, we have provided thousands of residents with services in our 14 years of business. We believe in the importance of homeowners learning the elements of their unit and how they can do preventative maintenance. Call us today and allow us to take care of all of your Dundalk heat pump services.

How does a heat pump work?

Heat pumps are mainly used to heat a home, but they can also be used for cooling. The heat pump is a device that moves warm air from one place to another. It does this by circulating the unit’s refrigerant from evaporation to condensation.

Your unit’s compressor pumps the coolant to the heat exchange coils, one of which is a low-pressure coil, while the other is a high pressure coil. The coolant first goes through the low pressure coil where it evaporates, thus absorbing heat. The refrigerant is then compressed to the other coil. Then, the high pressure condenses the refrigerant, releasing heat. The heat is then released into your home, effectively heating it.

When this process is reversed, your heat pump is basically converted to a cooling unit.

What are some benefits that these units provide?

Heat pumps are great because they are extremely versatile and beneficial to use. First, heat pumps are extremely efficient. Rather than using costly electricity to heat or cool your home, the heat pump absorbs the air from the atmosphere.
The second benefit is that the heat pump is a dual system. It can be used as both a heating and cooling unit, meaning that you do not need separate appliances to heat or cool your home.
Third, heat pumps are extremely energy efficient and an economical option compared to other devices.
Lastly, heat pumps are great at heating the home in an even and uniform way, making it an extremely convenient system.

What are the energy efficient features these units provide?

As mentioned above, heat pumps are extremely energy efficient. They are efficient systems for a few reasons. First, heat pumps can reduce your electricity output for heating by 30%-40%. They also dehumidify better than regular air-conditioning units, which is another energy saving feature.
Lastly, they have a low operating cost because they are a geothermal system, which means that they convert heat in the air and ground to heat or cool your home rather than electricity.
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What are some common problems associated with them?

No unit is ever perfect. Heat pumps can develop a few common problems. First, the heat pump can cease to produce heat due to issues with the thermostat or igniter. Second, the heat pump can also freeze because of a malfunctioning air blower or dirty filters. Lastly, the fan can also stop working because of age or malfunctioning.
At Reliability Home Services, our experienced professionals are highly equipped to handle your heat pump problems, install heat pumps, and provide heat pump maintenance. For service, give us a call today at 443-399-8663!

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