When installing a new furnace some people tend to think that bigger must be better. But this is not always the case. It is important to choose a furnace properly proportioned to your home. An oversized furnace will often do the opposite of what you want it to do and rather than keep your house warm, it will start to have short cycles. Short cycles include your furnace being turned on for only a brief amount of time and then being turned off again. This will increase your energy consumption and cost you even more on your electric bill.

Sizing Heating Systems

Systems that are older than 10 years should be replaced with something new. When it comes time for that day you need to correctly determine what size you are gonna have. You wanna look at the efficiency cost and lowest operating costs over the life of your new system. If you get one and it costs you too much on your bill it will cost you a lot to replace it again. Do your research. The most common mistakes are oversizing. This makes the equipment much more expensive to install, and often costs much more to operate. Oversized heaters can create large or lower temperature swings around the house. It may start to make you feel sick and clammy.

Most Older Systems Are Oversized

The reason most older heating systems are way oversized is because it used to be a common practice to install a system that had just about 4 times the required capacity to keep a home warm. Must as houses became more tightly constructed furnaces became smaller.

Why Bigger Isn’t Better

If your heating system is oversized it runs in shorter cycles. In short cycles it has no time to pull the moisture out of the air to make it the correct temperature. And the reason it runs in shorter cycles is because a larger furnace quickly satisfies the thermostat. The temperature will still be correct but the house will also just feel clammy and uncomfortable.

Improved Air Quality

When a furnace is oversized it is not properly grabbing the moisture that’s in the air. You have moisture problems and may cause strange smell or even mold and mildew. It may also increase the chance of dust mites. If you want to love in an healthy environment do not get an oversized furnace. Are you looking for the right furnace size for your Dundalk home? Reliability Home Heating & Air can help, just Call 443-399-8663, to get reliable service from the professionals.