If you have a broken septic pipe, you need to call a plumber in Stewartstown. There’s no easy or DIY way to repair your septic line. With that said, you may want an understanding of what a plumber will do to get your septic system back in working order. Learn more about what a 24 7 emergency service will do to repair your septic pipe.

Identifying the Issue

First, you need to identify the actual problem. Is your pipe broken, or do you just have a clog in your line? If you have slow drains or a foul smell coming from your pipes, you may only have a blockage in the pipes. You can confirm this by having a plumber come out and inspect your plumbing system.  In the event of a small clog, a plumber can use a drain snake to try and remove the blockage. Hydrojetting is another option. However, do not attempt to use chemicals to get rid of any blockages from your plumbing system. Doing so can cause damage to your plumbing, especially if your pipes are old.  Of course, there’s a chance the problem is more serious. If you check your plumbing for clogs and that doesn’t seem to be the issue, you need professional assistance. You should call for local emergency plumbing services as soon as you suspect a leak or a major blockage in your septic system. 

Obvious Signs of a Broken Pipe

If you notice a soggy area in your backyard, you don’t have any time to waste. The wetness accompanied by a foul smell is a telltale sign of a broken septic pipe. The sewage is leaking into your yard and making the environment toxic. Until you hire someone to repair the pipe, the leak will persist.  Another obvious sign is sewage backing up into your tub or sink. If you run your washing machine and see sewage backing up into the bathtub, something is wrong. You could have tree roots growing into your pipe. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to fix a septic pipe with tree roots in it. After confirming the problem with a camera inspection, a plumber can decide the safest and best way to remove the roots and fix the pipe.  Because leaking sewage is such a danger, you should never ignore the warning signs of a broken pipe. For your own safety, you should err on the side of caution and call a plumber at the first glimpse of trouble.

About DIY Septic Pipe Repairs

Are you tempted to repair the septic pipe on your own? If so, you shouldn’t take the situation lightly. You could end up costing yourself more money and doing harm to yourself or your plumbing. Although calling a plumber costs money, it’s likely the most affordable way to fix your septic pipe. The first step is to identify the broken pipe. Without a video inspection of your pipes, you may not be able to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. You shouldn’t dig around in search of the pipe because you may accidentally puncture the septic line. Then, you have more than one leak in your pipe.  With that said, you can usually tell the location of a broken line by looking for puddles and smelling for sewer gas. If you have the right tools and experience, you may be able to determine where the break in the line is. Just proceed with caution and make sure you wear gloves. There could be toxic sewage in the grass as well as sharp objects. 

Deciding How to Handle the Repair

Finding the source of your leak is only the beginning of your trouble. After you find the leak, you need to decide how to fix the septic pipe. You may be able to epoxy the pipes together or use a pipe sealant to remove the gap or crack.  If you have concrete pipes, you must use mortar to repair them. This is another difficult task, and often best left to a professional hand. It’s also possible that you have clay sewer pipes, which require a patch job. If you’re not certain about the type of your pipes, you should call a plumber. You need local emergency plumbing services to handle the job.

What’s the Cost of a Septic Pipe Repair

The cost of a septic pipe repair depends on the extent of the problem. If you have a major break in the septic line, you may need a full replacement. The professional needs to dig up the line and replace the pipe, which comes at a high cost. But it can save you money on future repairs. You should always ask a plumber for a quote. Before you agree to let them do the work, have your plumber assess the damage. They should also make sure the pipes are on your property. If you have damaged pipes on public property, you need the local authorities to take care of them. 

The Average Cost

It’s impossible to say how much your sewer line repair will cost. However, the average cost of a repair is about $2500. If you’re looking for a range, you should expect to pay anywhere from $1000 to $4000. As you might expect, a simple patch job is much more inexpensive than a complete replacement.  Only a plumber knows what repairs are necessary for your septic system to be back in working order. The repairs could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. When the plumber gives you a quote, they should also be able to give you a time frame for the work.

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