Father’s Day is June 16th, and it’s a good opportunity to thank your dad or any father figures in your life for the many things they’ve done for you over the years. For many of us, our dad’s helped teach us to solve problems on our own while also modeling that self-reliant style. In keeping with that spirit, did your dad teach you some DIY HVAC tips or tricks? Here are a few favorites that we’re happy to share in honor of all the DIY dads this Father’s Day.

Tip 1: Change Your Air Filters

Did your dad have “air filter days” starred on the calendar or do you remember going with him to purchase and then install new filters? Regularly changing your air filters is important for maintaining the air quality in your home and for ensuring that your HVAC system runs smoothly. As a result, this dad tip is one that should be part of your routine. For the average home, air filters should be changed every 90 days. If you have pets or family members with allergies, consider changing your air filters every 45-60 days. This dad tip is one that can keep your family and HVAC unit healthy, so make sure to honor him this year by changing your home’s air filters.

Tip 2: Please Clean the Outdoor Unit, Thank You

Somehow it seems like dads are the only ones in the family that notice how dirty the outdoor unit has gotten and that they have a laser-like focus for when the unit needs to be cleaned. As usual, they focus on keeping the unit clean is important. You should regularly clean debris for your unit, clear the area around the unit and thoroughly clean the fins and coils. However, you don’t want to just take a high-pressure hose to it. v Instead, you need to power down the unit, remove the top and methodically clean the coil and fins. Dad was right, this is important maintenance that you should consistently do. Whether you want to DIY or have it professionally cleaned, it’s important to regularly clean your outdoor unit.

Tip 3: Stop Air Leakage

It’s almost painful to feel hot air leaking inside your house on the hottest days of the summer. If your home has leaks, cracks or holes – something that’s especially common for older homes – you could be losing a significant amount of cool air during the summer while also allowing hot air inside your home. Obviously, this is incredibly inefficient and strains your HVAC unit (not to mention your electric bills). Many dads work tirelessly to properly seal and insulate their homes to avoid this. If you haven’t already done so, make sure you’re following this dad tip. Identify any areas in windows, doors or other spots in your home where there are leaks and seal them. If you have friends that are in need of HVAC tips or are looking for ways to keep their air conditioner running smoothly, please share these tips with them. And, if you had a dad or father figure that regularly gave you DIY or HVAC tips, make sure that you give them an extra hug and a thank you this Father’s Day.