What is Auxiliary Heat?

Auxiliary heat is a secondary source for heat from different heat pumps/machines being used during winter months. Usually, and under regular circumstances, heat pumps run on standard power. However, when the temperature drops and the temperature level gives indication that there is a need for more heat to fill up a room or section of the house, automatically the auxiliary heating system kicks in.

It is automatically activated, because it serves as a backup source of extra heat – when there is a need for it. For example, if the temperature is extremely cold, then the heat generated by the heat pumps may indicated more heating is needed than just what the pumps can provide. In this scenario, auxiliary heat is then activated automatically.

There is usually a set temperature on heat pumps, which can be regulated. Using the thermostat control system, the heating temperature can be put on a specific temperature.

When the set temp goes lower than 2 degrees Fahrenheit, the auxiliary heating system will most likely be activated. Heat strips that are already built in to the heat pumps will give off the additional heat. This makes the auxiliary heating system very important!

What is the Purpose of Auxiliary Heat?

The purpose of an auxiliary heating system is to make sure the heat you have coming in is sufficient compared to the low temperature outside. When these temperatures drop too low for the heat pump to extract the heat, the auxiliary heat function is then automatically activated. There are many differences between heat pump systems that provide auxiliary heat and then those that don’t.

For the ones that do, there is an additional section on the air-exchanger plenum, placed behind the condenser. Within this additional section are electric resistance heating coils that are turned on whenever the heat pump system indicated that there is not enough heat coming from outside to help the inside temperature reach its set temperature.

This additional heating section is not included with heat pumps that do not have auxiliary heat. Most heat pumps without the auxiliary heat are sold in areas where the climate is fair and not too cold.

Why is Auxiliary Heat Important?

Auxiliary heat is important because it establishes the maximum difference between inside and outside temperatures. When the temperature is at 30 degrees Fahrenheit, the efficiency of the heating system will drop. That is when the auxiliary heat is switched on. The system needs to find heat in another way and it essentially defaults to the auxiliary heat.

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