When most people think of air pollution, they think of the outdoors where vehicles are going at breakneck speeds, industries are releasing fumes into the atmosphere, and general pollution is wreaking havoc with the environment. But as an individual, your body suffers from the air quality inside your house.

Indoor quality of air you breathe has a tremendous impact on comfort and could impact your health if you become lax in this one area. This is why you should inculcate some good habits that would improve the quality of air inside your Dundalk home and lead to happiness all around.

Here Are 5 Tips to Follow

1. Focus On Keeping Your Floors Clean

Toxins and allergens can get collected in your home with dust and thus, you should vacuum your floors using a HEPA vacuum. This would ensure that lead concentration is low in your home. Make sure you are also going over your carpets (especially the edges), walls of the house, and furniture and its upholstery. Vacuuming should be done multiple times a week.

Mopping with plain water can also do wonders to the quality of air at home because it would pick up residual dust that was left behind by vacuuming. You can capture more dirt, dust, and debris by investing in a microfiber mop that can be used with plain old water to clean your home.

Despite following strict habits with your home, your guests are still going to bring in a lot of dirt when they step through the door. To avoid this form of contamination, you can have a mat at the doors so that guests can wipe their shoes on the mat before they enter. However, the best option is to simply ask everyone to leave their slippers and shoes outside the home when they enter.

2. Healthy Humidity Levels Can Be Good For Your Home

Moisture is the ideal breeding ground for mold and dust mites. When the indoor air humidity is around 30 to 50%, allergens like mold and dust mites are kept in check. In the summer months, you can invest in a good dehumidifier and when that works in tandem with your AC, the moisture in your air would be much lower and allergens wouldn’t have anything to grow and feed on. Allergy sufferers should definitely invest in an AC because pollen is also reduced from the air by an air conditioning unit.

In order to keep healthy humidity levels in your Dundalk home, you can open a window while cooking and running the dishwasher. Get an exhaust fan installed in the bathroom to run when you are in shower. Make sure your houseplants are not over-watered because that can cause an imbalance in the humidity levels of your home. The clothes dryer should always be venter outside so that the water molecules aren’t left hanging in the indoor air. Make sure you are emptying your drip pans in your dehumidifier and window AC.

3. Keep Cigarette Smoke Out Of Your Home

The health risks of smoking are known to one and all and don’t need to be expounded upon. However, second hand smoke is also dangerous because it impacts the quality of indoor air negatively. If there are smokers in the house, they should either join support groups to stop smoking or they should at least leave the house when they smoke. This can be also beneficial for children, pets, and elderly members inhaling second hand smoke.

4. Solve The Radon Problem

Radon problem is common in both old and new homes, unlike lead issues which occur in older homes. Studies show that radon can significantly increase the risk of contracting lung cancer, especially when you are constantly breathing in this odorless and colorless gas because of poor indoor air quality.

Get your Dundalk home tested for Radon. This radioactive gas is found in all types of soils and gets into your home through the cracks in the foundation. However, whether or not your home has a basement, is drafty, or is perfectly airtight, you could still have a radon issue that needs to be checked by a professional.

If your kitchen has granite countertops, you should know that they are linked to radon emission.However, you have no way of knowing how much radon is being emitted by these countertops and whether that amount is dangerous for your indoor air. With a simple and inexpensive test, you can find out the radon levels in your home in minutes. Even if the radon levels are high in your house, you can peruse EPA’s guide for reducing radon and say goodbye to your radon problem forever.

5. Choose Natural Optional For Better Fragrance

According to a study, a simple plug-in air freshener is loaded with as much as 20 VOCs but because of labelling laws, only the word “fragrance” and its variations are included in the label of these air fresheners.

If you want your home to smell good, there are many natural options to go for that would not cause any health risks in your life like hormonal disruption, and skin irritation. Fragrance is present in almost every detergent, cleaner, and air freshener you pick. So, the first thing to do is go for naturally scented options.

Mild cleaners do not need artificial fragrances and you can opt for those. All forms of aerosol sprays should be avoided. This not only includes air fresheners but also furniture polish, carpet cleaners, hair sprays, and deodorants.

To ensure that there is no buildup of toxins in your Dundalk home, you should leave the doors and windows open for some time and air out all your rooms. AC systems with filters can be an alternative to this if you are suffering from allergies.

To have a fresh smelling kitchen, you can use lemons and baking soda. Add aloe vera, spider plants, and other ferns to further improve the quality of air and keep it smelling clean.

Some basic equipment like an air purifier can also elevate the air quality in your home. For quality services in your Dundalk, MD home, call Reliability Home now at (443) 399-8663.