As winter turns to spring, you’ll find that there are lots of changes taking place in the world outside your home. Of course, the changing of seasons looks different to everyone, depending on where they live. Here, in Maryland, the snow is just beginning to melt. In Florida, however, the temperatures are already rising into the eighties! While each state may experience the seasons in a different way, we all encounter similar environmental pollutants that can negatively impact our HVAC systems if we’re not careful. Read on to learn about a few environmental factors and how you can stop them from inhibiting your HVAC system’s ability to provide clean air in your home.

How Does Your Carpool Affect Your HVAC?

One big culprit of polluting the air around us is the combustion engine found in most cars. It’s long been known that cars are a major contributor to the kind of pollution that causes global warming. Did you know that the same outdoor air that is polluted by car emissions can make its way into your home? If it weren’t for the filters in your HVAC system, you would be breathing all that polluted air all day long. Of course, the other side of that is that your HVAC system has to work that much harder to clean the air that comes in from the outside. How can you help reduce greenhouse gas emissions? One easy way to do it is to carpool whenever possible! Fewer cars on the road means less pollution in the air and less work for your HVAC system!

Are You Still Smoking Indoors?

Hello, this a not so gentle reminder that the year is 2019 and there is really no excuse whatsoever for you to be still smoking indoors. With everything we have learned over the last several decades about the danger of secondhand smoke, not to mention the smell that cigarette smoke leaves all over your house, why would anyone want to smoke indoors? Now that we’ve said our piece, let’s get back on track- indoor smoking also makes your HVAC system have to work harder. If your air filter is clogged up with ash and smoke, it can’t protect you from dust and other debris.

Do You Have a Clean Dehumidifier?

Part of keeping the air in your home clean from environmental pollutants like gas emissions and cigarette smoke is maintaining your HVAC system in all aspects. This includes having your unit tuned-up every six months, regularly replacing or washing the air filter, having the duct professionally cleaned, and cleaning the dehumidifier. If you didn’t know, the dehumidifier acts as a sort of filter for incoming air and protects the condenser coil from excessive wear and tear brought on by dust and other debris entering the unit. Without a clean dehumidifier, you can’t get clean, dry air. This time of year, and any time the seasons change, really, it is imperative that you are keeping your HVAC system in check. Treat your HVAC system like the NCAA this month; pay close attention, and make sure you know all the factors that may affect what’s coming out of it. IT won’t get you a perfect bracket, but it will get you better air quality, which is going to do more for you in the long run.