One of the most important things in any home or business is to maintain the proper temperature. This is especially true in winter when there is rain and snow or in summer with uncomfortable heat.

This makes it essential that the right furnace be selected when in new construction or when replacing an old one.

Why Install a New Furnace

Many times a person does not realize that a new furnace is needed. Some of the things that determine this situation are cold spots, lack of constant temperature and high utility bills.

When these things happen, it makes sense to get a replacement especially if there are young children or elderly people in the home.

Benefits of a New Furnace are:

  • Evenly distributed heat and cool
  • No need to constantly check the thermometer
  • Lower utility bills
  • Eliminate repair needs
  • Less pollution in the atmosphere
  • Will last an approximately 15 to 18 years

Choosing the Right Furnace

When purchasing a new furnace it is essential that it fit the size of your home or business. Presently gas is the most popular fuel and it is important that one check the furnace’s annual fuel-utilization-efficiency (AFUE) rating. This rating will determine how much each thermal of gas heat the furnace will produce. The insulation of the building, gas rates and the climate where you live will also enter in to the cost of operating the unit.

There are many different models of HVAC furnaces on the market. This type of furnace is especially effective in areas that have cold winters and hot summers. These include single stage furnaces, two-stage (dual) furnaces and modulating furnaces.

Single stage furnaces turn off when the set temperature is reached then wait for the house to cool off before turning on again. Although lowest in price, they waste energy. Two-stage furnaces have a second flame, are quieter and more cost effective than the single stage ones.

Modulating furnaces are the most expensive and are the most energy efficient. Once the temperature is set it will never vary more than 1 or 2 degrees from the target. It is rated at 98% efficiency.

When obtaining a unit that will fit your heating needs there are a number of components involved. Contacting a reliable contractor will assure that all factors such as size of the heating ducts, size and structure of the building, proper installation and other items are considered prior to making a purchase.

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