Burst Pipe Repair

Dundalk Burst Pipe Repair

A burst pipe can damage your home including water damage, and mold and mildew damage. Call the pros with over 20 years’ experience in burst pipe repair — Reliability Home Services!
When temperatures drop below freezing, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to experience burst pipes. The freezing and expanding water puts stress on pipes and can cause them to burst. At Reliability Home Services, our experts deal with weak and broken pipes every year. Our team will fix your burst pipe right away to minimize the damage to your Dundalk, MD home.
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Why Pipes Burst

When water in your pipes freeze, it expands. The increase in pressure can cause some pipes to fail, especially if they’re older. However, frozen water isn’t the only reason pipes burst. Sometimes the pipe is so old, it deteriorates to the point of failure. And, other times, the water pressure is too high and causes them to break. When a pipe bursts, it’s essential that you call in a professional for help to minimize the water and mold damage.

How to Prevent Burst and Frozen Pipes

As you know, a burst pipe can wreak havoc in your home and cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damage. To prevent bursting, follow these tips:
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Can You Fix a Frozen Outside Hose Bib?

Getting a frozen hose bib working again is tough, but necessary to prevent a burst pipe elsewhere in the system. One trick many people use is to get some rags and boiling water. Wrap the rags around the pipe and saturate them slowly with the water. This should get the water inside the pipe to flow again. Keep the faucet open until the water flows freely. If you’re worried about frozen pipes and outside hose bibs this winter, call us and let us winterize your plumbing so you can come through unscathed.
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