Clogged Toilet Repair Services in Dundalk, MD

Clogged toilets are more than an inconvenience - they are also major plumbing issues that need to be fixed immediately. Call us for clogged toilet repair and toilet installation services in Dundalk, MD.

Clogged toilets are typically a nuisance most homeowners don’t want to deal with. However, these issues can lead to major damage to your house and your health.

That’s why it’s important to have clogged toilets repaired by a professional as soon as possible. When you have a clogged toilet, call Reliability Home Services for prompt and expert services in the Dundalk, MD area.

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How to Avoid Clogged Toilets

Like most plumbing issues, the best way to deal with a clogged toilet is to avoid getting one in the first place. You can prevent blockages by following these tips:

  • Don’t flush disposable diapers or wipes.
  • Avoid placing large wads of toilet paper into the bowl.
  • Don’t flush paper towels.
  • Avoid placing products like Q-tips and other hygienic products into the toilet.
  • Don’t flush hair trimmings or nail clippings.

To help prevent accidental flushing of these items, keep a wastebasket near the toilet to encourage people to dispose of them properly.

Why Clogged Toilets Are a Plumbing Emergency

When you think of plumbing emergencies, you might think of a burst pipe or a leak – not a clogged toilet. However, these issues are very much considered emergencies. Backups can cause severe property damage, and an overflow of sewage can lead to health issues. Because of this, blockages should be treated by a trained professional. While inspecting the problem and repairing the clog, the plumber can use several tactics, including augers and hydro jetting.

At Reliability Home Services, we understand the urgency behind a clogged toilet repair service. That’s why we offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services in Dundalk, MD, and the surrounding areas.

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5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Toilet

Your toilet likely gets used a lot, and over time the wear and tear can take a toll on it. These five signs can indicate you should install a new toilet:

  • Age: If your toilet is older and requires multiple repairs, it can be more cost-effective to buy a new one. When purchased individually, parts like toilet seats, flappers, and valves can cost more than buying a new toilet.
  • Cracks: Because most toilets are made of porcelain, cracks can develop in the bowl and tank if something falls on it or runs into it. While a crack might start out small, over time, it can expand and cause water damage.
  • Constant clogs: If your older toilet clogs frequently, it can be due to its design. Older units might not be able to push water through the toilet with enough force to prevent clogging.
  • Wear and tear: As toilets age, they can sustain scratches and show stains and dirt. These can become more difficult to clean over time, leaving your toilet to look unclean.
  • High utility bills: Older units can cause your utility bills to increase, as they tend to use more water than newer units.

If your toilet has reached the end of its life and you need a friendly and experienced plumbing company, then Reliability Home Services is here for you! Give us a call today to ask about our expert toilet replacement or installation services.

Don’t delay in getting professional help when you need a clogged toilet repaired or replaced. Call Reliability Home Services at (443) 399-8663 for appointments in the Dundalk, MD area.