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A leaking or ruptured gas line isn’t something you should ignore. If you have a leak in a line, call Reliability Home Services right away!
A leak in your gas line isn’t always apparent. Sometimes you smell gas, while other times you have to rely on other signs to know there’s a problem. At Reliability Home Services, we’re serious about getting your gas lines fixed quickly and safely. Call us today and find out why you should count on us for your gas line repair in Dundalk.
If you have slow or clogged drains you can’t fix yourself, our drain cleaning services are what you need.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Gas Line

Signs You Need to Replace Your Gas Line Do you live in an older home with gas lines that haven’t been replaced? If your gas lines are more than 50 years old, they should be replaced. Other signs it may be time to install a new gas line include:

What Causes Gas Leaks?

Gas leaks usually come unexpectedly and can do severe damage if not fixed quickly. The most common cause of a gas leak is an appliance that either wasn’t installed correctly, or is so old that the seals that connect the piping have corroded. Another common cause is old pipes that have eroded.
To ensure your family’s safety, call a gas pipe repair company for an inspection of your gas lines and appliances today. We provide expert gas line installation and repair.
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Gas Line Installation Pros

Are you considering switching from electric to gas appliances? Our professionals can help you run a new gas line and hook up your new appliances, from washer/dryers to stoves, gas powered water heaters, outdoor gas grill and more.
Need gas line repairs or require gas line appliance hook up? Call Reliability Home Services in the Dundalk area at 443-399-8663 for expert gas line repair and installation.

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