There are many ways to reduce your energy costs with a programmable thermostat. They are also very simple. That means that there is really no reason why you should not be using a programmable thermostat. Let’s begin by looking at what a programmable thermostat is.

Programmable thermostats are electronically connected to your furnace (or whatever type of heat source that you are using), and relay commands about how to control the environmental conditions in your home. For example, they will program how warm you desire for your house to be at what times of day in the winter. Or vice versa, they will tell your air conditioning how cool to keep your home during the hot summer months.

The great thing is that once you have it programmed you never have to revisit it unless you want to. Now let’s look at how this can reduce your energy costs.

Most people have a job, (we will assume that you have one). Otherwise you probably do not have the income to obtain either a programmable thermostat, or the means to heat or cool your house.) In the morning when you leave for your job you probably want it to be a nice warm seventy-two degrees. However, while you are at work you do not want to be paying to have your house heated while it is vacant. Therefore, your programmable thermostat will tell your heating system to keep the environmental conditions at a cool 60 degrees while nobody is at home. Then, around 3:30 while you are on your daily commute back home the furnace will kick on and you will enjoy a toasty seventy-two degrees upon walking through your front door. Viola! Energy cost savings!

You only paid to have your house heated while you were at home and didn’t waste money keeping an empty house warm.

This also works in the summertime for cooling purposes with your air conditioning unit. Do you like it cooler while you are sleeping and warmer when you are awake? The programmable thermostat will take care of that for you. Are you have house guests over who like it to be a tad warmer? The programmable thermostat will take care of it for you, and then after a designated time, cool things back down to a more reasonable temperature. Don’t worry about forgetting to turn the temperature down, the thermostat will do it and you won’t pay the extra money for having forgotten.

A programmable thermostat will help to reduce your energy costs in many ways in all the seasons. There is really no reason why not to have one.

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