One: An Air-Conditioning Unit’s Filters Require Frequent Changes

Our customers are glad when winter is over because they no longer need to keep a furnace operating to maintain a building’s climate. As weather gets warmer, they turn on an air conditioner to cope with hot temperatures and high humidity levels in a home or business without changing its filter.

Customers should change an air conditioner’s filters at least once a month to avoid contaminating a home’s air with pollen and dust.

A clean filter also protects the components inside an air-conditioning system to prevent overheating that can melt wires or plastic parts.

For our customers with severe allergies, we recommend a high efficient particulate air filter that captures almost 100 percent of contamination in the air to prevent sneezing, coughing and runny noses while protecting the mechanisms inside the air conditioner. A HEPA filter removes more particles from the air but still requires changing each month.

Two: The Ductwork of Air Conditioners Collects Dangerous Debris

Homeowners should clean the vents and ductwork inside a building to help cool air circulate freely from an air conditioner to each room. Use a cloth to brush away dust from wall and floor vents. It is also possible to use a vacuum cleaner’s attachments to reach inside ductwork to suction debris.

Verify that draperies, rugs or furniture are not blocking an air conditioner’s vents. If there is a foul odor coming from vents or air is not flowing freely, then contact our team to complete a professional ductwork cleaning and inspection. Degraded plastic or metal ductwork can lead to a complete blockage that can cause a buildup of dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide in a building.

Three: Air Conditioner Components Require Lubrication

The moving components inside an air-conditioning unit require lubrication to prevent wear and tear that causes parts to degrade. The best way to have these components inspected and lubricated correctly is with a professional heating, venting and cooling technician.

Each model of air conditioner is different, but an expert HVAC technician has schematics to understand the various mechanisms.

During routine maintenance, our technicians can find small problems that require repair immediately to avoid an air conditioner malfunction on the hottest day of summer.

We can add refrigerant chemicals, adjust belts and clean components to make sure an air conditioner continues to cool a building all summer.

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