The insulation in your Dundalk home plays a critical role in conserving energy and keeping everyone inside comfortable. You need to have the exterior walls insulated to help prevent energy loss during the summer and winter.

Failing to do this means you might have to run the heating or cooling system much more than necessary just to maintain comfortable temperatures. Here are three home insulation tips that you can use today.

Pick the Right Insulation for Each Part of the Home

You need to pick the right insulation for each part of the home. Do not think that you need to use just fiberglass batting or one type of insulation for the entire house.

Some insulation like loose fill is perfect for attics while fiberglass boards can be used to insulate areas around windows. Walls can be filled with spray foam insulation.

You have to find out which areas of your home need the most insulation and which parts need the least. Look at the construction and shape of the areas. Get the type of insulation for each room or area that make the most sense and that works best with the existing structural elements.

Remember Vents, Ductwork and Pipes

You want to insulate more than just your walls and attic. Remember to insulate the vents, ductwork and pipes. We can help you to do this. Insulating your vents and ductwork will prevent air from escaping when you run the heating and cooling system.

It can also make your system more efficient. Insulating your pipes will help to prevent bursts in cold weather while also allowing warm water to move along the plumbing system without being cooled down.

Many different types of insulation are available that can be used on any type of vent, ductwork or pipe with ease. Always insulate these key components in your home.

Keep Insulation Away From Lighting Fixtures

A final tip is to keep insulation away from recessed lighting fixtures and other electrical components in the walls. This is not a big problem if you are working with professional installers.

Problems can occur if insulation is close to a lighting fixture. Sparks or even heat from the fixture could potentially ignite the insulation depending on the type.

The insulation needs to be kept a good distance from those fixtures to ensure your Dundalk home is safe. The only materials you can use close to the fixtures have to be insulation contact, or IC, rated.

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