When deciding how to spend money on your home in Dundalk, you probably think about the return on investment. It’s not worth spending money if you won’t get any pleasure or value out of it. So, before you get heat pump maintenance, you might wonder if it’s worth the fees. Learn more about the benefits of maintaining your heat pump and find out why it’s worth the cost. 

More Comfort

There’s nothing like coming inside on a cold day and feeling the inviting warmth of your home. But you won’t have that if you don’t maintain your heat pump. Without proper maintenance, a heat pump won’t work as well as it should. When the temperature begins to drop, your heater won’t be able to keep you warm.  You deserve to be comfortable inside your home. With as much effort as you put into making your home your sanctuary, you might as well put some money into your heat pump. Doing so makes the winters much more tolerable.

Poor Air Quality

Part of maintaining your heat pump is changing out the filters. Unfortunately, not all homeowners remember this maintenance tip. The longer your filters sit, the more dust and allergens they collect. When the filters are too clogged, unwanted particles remain in your home.  There are two significant consequences of a dirty filter. First, you have poor air quality. Second, your system needs to work harder to heat your home. If you want to keep your air quality clean and your heater working, you need to change out your filters. If you’re not concerned about air quality, you may be surprised to know that there are health complications caused by low-quality air. You or someone in your household could experience various symptoms from the particles floating around your air.  For the best results, check your filters for dust every month and change them as needed. Once every three months is usually enough for filter replacement, but it can’t hurt to check more frequently.

Save on Repair Costs

During a maintenance check, your heating and air conditioning service near me will prevent issues from developing. They accomplish this by completing a checklist designed to keep your system in great working order. If you don’t receive this maintenance, the wear and tear take a toll on your heater. At any point, it could break down.  They’ll also look for current issues with your heat pump. If you work with a reputable company, the technician will check over every portion of your system. They leave no stone unturned, ensuring you have no hidden issues. Even though you may not have noticed a problem, there could be a minor problem affecting your heater. By spotting and fixing the issue before it worsens, your HVAC technician can save you money on costly repairs. You might argue that a heat pump needs repairs even with frequent maintenance. While this is true, the repair is less likely to be serious when you receive maintenance. Instead of a major and costly repair, your maintenance could result in a simple and affordable repair. 

Lower Energy Bills

It costs more to heat your home than to cool it. For this reason, winter is usually a time of high energy bills. In addition to coming up with money for all the expenses of the holiday season, you also need to find a way to pay for high utility bills. As a way of saving money, you can opt for regular heat pump maintenance. When a technician fine-tunes your system, they keep it working well. For instance, a heat pump without enough lubrication on certain components needs to work harder to heat your home. A technician lubricates parts of your system to ensure this doesn’t happen. You improve your heat pump’s efficiency with regular maintenance, and in doing so, you also lower your energy bills. Every month, you can enjoy savings. 

Extend the Life of Your Heat Pump

You already know that maintaining your heat pump can lower the cost of repairs, but did you know it will extend the life of your heat pump? If you don’t maintain your system, it won’t last as long as it should. Small issues don’t necessarily cause the heat pump to break down but do make it work hard. And the harder your system works, the shorter its lifespan.  Replacing a heat pump is costly and time-consuming. If you want to put off the replacement of your heat pump, consider working with an experienced HVAC technician for maintenance

Keep the Warranty Intact

Typically, manufacturers offer warranties on new heat pumps. Those warranties usually come with specific terms. One of those terms might be to receive maintenance from a qualified professional.  If you ignore maintenance, you risk losing your warranty. In the event that something goes wrong with your heat pump, you will be responsible for paying for the repair. You could save yourself from a costly mistake by calling for maintenance.

Increase Your Safety

A heat pump might keep you comfortable, but it can also be detrimental to your health. If a unit cracks, it could emit a hazardous gas. An electric short in the heat pump could cause a house fire. In either scenario, your safety is on the line. During routine maintenance, your technician makes sure your system is safe. They look for indications that your heat pump might become a hazard and address them before anyone gets hurt. To keep your home a safer place, you should be sure to have someone maintain your heat pump.

Get Peace of Mind with Heat Pump Maintenance

To sum it all up, maintaining your heat pump gives you peace of mind. You know you’re not spending too much on your energy bills and that you’re unlikely to experience the need for an emergency repair. Most importantly, you know that your home is in good hands. If you’re ready to schedule heat pump maintenance, give us a call at Reliability Home Services. We offer maintenance plans in Dundalk designed for customer satisfaction.