It’s the dead of winter and you’ve got the blues. Your yard is frozen, the sky is gray, you slipped and fell on your tuckus yesterday morning when you went to get the newspaper. You’ve had enough of this winter weather, and there’s no reprieve in sight. That is, until you wander into the kitchen. You smell the sweet, succulent, enticing scent of slow-cooked barbecue. The room is nice and warm, as cozy as ever. You close your eyes and inhale, and for a moment, you are transported to a gentle, warm, early summer’s day. You feel instantly comforted; warm, cozy and happy, winter or not. Thanks to your working HVAC system, you feel this good all year long. Not too hot, not too cold, just completely comfortable and at ease.

Even in February, Tune-Up That Central HVAC

As you know from following the weather for the past few years, temperatures have been all over the place. We’ve seen both record-breaking highs and lows. It’s hard to know what to expect. Should you wear a parka and a heavy sweater or a light T-shirt? It might be February, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be cold out. In fact, sometimes, the forecast reveals just the opposite. It can be not just warm but legitimately hot in February, as bizarre as that sounds. So, in the event a winter heat wave arrives, you want to make sure your air conditioning is serviced and ready to go. You wouldn’t expect that you’d need to tune up the AC in the middle of winter, but if life has taught you anything, is to expect the unexpected.

Heating Services When You Need Them Most

Your thermostat could not care less if it’s Christmas morning. Your heaters, vents, furnace, oil burner…whatever the case may be. They can be jerks. If they don’t feel like working – they won’t. Regardless of whether it’s the most important day of the year. Real nice, guys. Much appreciated. Thankfully, the team at Reliability Home is available to help you no matter how inconvenient it might seem; it doesn’t matter. They are there for you, 365 days a year. Whether it’s a major holiday, or it’s snowing outside, or the Superbowl is on…a true professional will be there to help you, identify the problem and fix it fast.

Don’t Forget That AC Filter!

Your AC deserves love too – don’t forget it! That means scheduling regular, professional cleanings, and getting the filter replaced as needed. Otherwise, your AC can’t work as efficiently. You’ll notice that the air circulation is poor, and the air being pushed out of the AC unit isn’t very cold. The filter and vents are probably dirty; full of dust and blocked. That’s not the kind of air you want to be breathing in, especially if you have allergies or asthma. Be sure to schedule regular maintenance to keep your AC in tip-top shape so that you can breathe easier. Reliability Home absolutely lives up to its name. Whether it’s a holiday or a day with terrible weather, or whatever the case may be, a member of the team will find a way to reach you in your time of need. Reliability Home will get your HVAC system back in excellent working order so that your house is nice and comfortable, just the way you like it, and you can get back to decorating that gorgeous red, white and blue cake you’ve prepared for President’s Day.