As a homeowner you are responsible for maintaining your home, and ensuring that your home utilities are in top condition. There are several reasons for getting a high efficiency air conditioning unit for your home. No matter what area of the country you live in, when warm weather comes around you feel it. Running your air conditioner system all day to stay cool and comfortable can result in huge electric bill each month. That is why having a high efficiency AC unit can be beneficial. High efficiency AC unit is just the right choice because it minimizes the amount of energy you use for cooling your house. You save more money in monthly electricity bill simply by using a high efficiency air conditioner. If you have central AC, which most homeowners do, you’re probably aware of SEER rating. Experts suggest getting an AC unit with a high SEER value. The term SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, and it is one of the main factors that determines how much money you’ll be saving in energy costs in the long run. So, when considering buying a new air conditioner, it is best to choose a unit with the highest energy efficiency possible that you can afford. The difference between a SEER rating of 13 and a SEER rating of 16 can make a huge impact on your household budget. Installation of a high efficiency AC does more than save money on power usage. It also more eco-friendly, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Lowering power usage will lower your carbon footprint, cutting back pollution. Efficient AC systems will also perform a better job of maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home. After all, this is why you have AC in the first place. And, some people like the peace and quiet that a higher efficiency unit provides. After having the unit installed you will notice a reduction in power consumption, quieter operation, and reduced electric bills. Like any equipment or appliance, with time an AC unit may start to lose its efficiency if not maintained properly. Keep your air conditioning unit well maintained in order to ensure proper efficiency. Change the filters regularly, and have a scheduled yearly tuneup and inspection. If your AC unit is old or inefficient, consider having it replaced. Newer systems are more efficient than AC systems that were installed a decade ago. Hiring a qualified AC professional can help you avoid mistakes in choosing the right system for your home. Looking to upgrade the AC unit in your Dundalk home? Call Reliability Home at (443) 399-8663 and schedule a service call with one of our experts today!