It’s concerning to hear loud and unusual sounds from your heater. This can be particularly unsettling if you hear them during the middle of the night. Whether it’s a screech, a clank, a bang, a boom, or a squeal, furnace noises can make it sound like your heater or your attic have taken on a life of their own. Thankfully, many furnace noises are easy to address and resolve. That said, sometimes heater noises indicate a major problem. As a result, it’s important to diagnose and address heater noises in a timely manner. Here are some tips to help you do that.

Causes of Banging Noises

  A loud banging noise from your heater often indicates a problem with different types of burners. Dirt and debris naturally builds-up on the burners in your heater. If they are not cleaned, this build-up will interfere with ignition and will cause gas to build up in your unit. When ignition finally does take place, there can be a little explosion, which causes a banging sound. This is obviously a concerning sound and one that you want to address immediately. This mini-explosion is a safety hazard and can lead to bigger problems with your heater, so call an HVAC professional right away to address this problem. Better yet, you can be proactive and avoid this problem from dirty burners by regularly having your unit cleaned and serviced.

Source of Squealing Sounds

  A screeching or squealing sound can sound ominous, but it might not indicate a major problem. A squealing sound could be caused by a lack of lubricant or a loose fan belt. If you’re comfortable doing it, try adding some oil or tightening the fan belt. If this doesn’t work, it likely means that the sound is caused by an issue with the blower motor. Components of the motor could be worn out or could be misaligned. This is an issue best left to professionals, so contact an HVAC tech to resolve this problem because your heating system will need maintenance.

Scraping Metal Sounds

  A scraping sound of metal-on-metal probably indicates an issue with the blower wheel or the blower mount. It could be as simple as having a loose blower wheel or it could indicate a broken blower wheel or mount. Any time you hear a noise like this, it’s a good idea to immediately turn off your unit. When metal is scraping against something, you’re at risk of escalating problems, so it’s best to not run your unit until it can be inspected and repaired by a professional. The best way to avoid heater noises this winter is to regularly have your unit cleaned and tuned up. Doing this will ensure that it stays in good condition and any issues are timely resolved. If you are hearing concerning noises from your heater, play it safe and turn it off until it can be inspected by a professional.

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