Poor maintenance can increase the likelihood of many problems that may interfere with the proper operation of an AC unit. Equipment owners commonly experience issues during the spring when warmer weather begins to place stress on different parts of your Dundalk HVAC system.

AC units that freeze up during operation may be suffering from any number of mechanical issues. Understanding the cause of such problems will ensure that equipment owners are able to take effective action at the earliest signs of trouble.

Airflow Obstructions

AC units require good air flow in order to operate effectively. When warm air is unable to pass over the evaporator coil, the coil often freezes which can limit output or keep the unit from functioning entirely. Dirt that has clogged the unit, filters that are overdue for a change and even exterior obstructions like leaves that have accumulated around the unit can all lead to units freezing up or failing to function.

In addition to basic maintenance efforts, the seasonal inspection and testing of an HVAC system that only a trained professional may be qualified to perform can make a real difference.

Leaks Within the System

AC units are typically designed to last their entire operational lifespans without the need for additional coolant. Cracks within the system, or leaks that may be caused when a mechanical component wears out or fails can reduce operational efficiency, decrease output or cause units to freeze up. The services of a qualified and licensed technician are often needed in order to identify leaks within the system or replace coolant that may have been lost due to a leak.

Mechanical Issues

Fans that have worn out, drain valves that have become clogged or obstructed as well as a damaged motor or faulty thermometer may also result in AC units that freeze up or fail to function properly. Having an air conditioner professionally inspected can reduce the likelihood that such mechanical issues will lead to problems. A seasonal assessment of an entire HVAC system can allow homeowners to keep their utility costs as low as possible and ensure that keeping their Dundalk home environment cool during the warmer weather can be done with greater ease and success.

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