Reason One: Turning a Furnace on for the First Time in the Autumn

When our Dundalk customers complain about a burning smell inside a furnace, we want to know how long it has been turned off. A furnace that is not operating collects an enormous amount of household dust. The components inside a furnace will burn off the debris the first time it is turned on in the autumn, and our customers will notice an odor.

In addition, a home’s surfaces may become dusty from the debris that blows out of ductwork and vents. We recommend changing the furnace’s air filter before turning it on along with vacuuming debris from the furnace’s mechanisms and the home’s ventilation system. Remember to change a furnace’s filter at least once a month to prevent an accumulation of dust and also clean vents and ductwork frequently.

Reason Two: Defective or Worn Electrical Wires and Components

A furnace that is creating a smell similar to an electrical fire is an emergency situation that requires turning off the device at the thermostat. There are electrically charged components inside of the furnace in addition to electrical wiring that can catch on fire or begin to melt, creating an odd odor.

We recommend calling one of our technicians as quickly as possible for a furnace inspection to determine if it is safe to use the device. Our technicians can troubleshoot the heating system to find the problem in order to repair parts.

In some cases, a furnace with this type of defect requires total replacement to protect a family from a dangerous fire. Fortunately, our company has fast access to new furnaces to replace a system as soon as possible to prevent an inconvenience for our customers.

Reason Three: Problems with Fuel Lines that Create Oil or Gas Odors

If a customer’s furnace is fueled by oil or natural gas, then these fuels might create a strong odor if there is a problem with the lines or pipes. Odors from fuel are not normal, and our customers should turn off the furnace and contact a natural gas company or one of our heating technicians immediately.

A strong odor of fuel can also mean that a home is filling up with carbon monoxide gas. This gas is odorless, tasteless and colorless. but it is lethal when our customers remain in a home breathing it.

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