One of the worst disasters a home can face is a flood. Although there are several ways in which flooding can occur, the cause of the flood has the same impact – damage to your home’s structure and your personal property. As a Stewartstown homeowner, installing a mini sump pump is one of the best ways to prevent water damage from afflicting your property. Learn more about what makes a sump pump so crucial.

What is a Sump Pump?

To understand why a sump pump is important, you need to know more about how it works. In short, a sump pump is a piece of equipment that prevents water damage. It collects water and moves it away from your home. 

A sump pump is one of the simpler pieces of equipment in a home. As water flows into your basement, it collects in the sump basin. When the water reaches a certain level, the pump kicks on and pushes the water out through a drain pipe. The drain pipe channels the water safely outside of your building.

The Risk of Flooding

You might wonder whether or not a sump pump is actually necessary. If you look at the statistics, it’s clear that most people are vulnerable to flooding of some sort. More than 60% of homes in the U.S are affected by excess water. 

When it rains, water can easily penetrate your home. Without a sump pump, you have no way to disperse the water. It might dry out on its own, but by then, the damage is done. Your floor, walls, and belongings could have significant damage.

Typically homeowners insurance covers damage within your home. However, standard insurance gives you no protection from a flood. And if you already have flood insurance, a flood incident will increase your premium. 

Flooding Can Happen Anywhere

Whether or not you live in a flood zone, flooding is a possibility. You never know when a downpour will come your way or when a construction project could cause drainage in your neighborhood to suffer. 

Because flooding is unpredictable, you need to always be prepared. You have to be ready to call local emergency plumbing services, or have a sump pump installed before disaster strikes.

The Problem with Water Damage

A sump pump protects you from water damage, which is more significant than you may realize. The problem with flooding isn’t so much the actual flood as the water that remains after the water clears out. Unlike your clothes, wood and carpet don’t dry out on their own. Once building materials become wet, they become breeding grounds for mold and mildew. 

In the dark and already moist environment of your basement, this is a recipe for disaster. Mold affects your air quality and could be hazardous to your health. For instance, all of the following 

are common symptoms of mold exposure:

  • Congestion
  • Throat irritation
  • Eye irritation
  • Rashes
  • Lung infections

Once mold begins to grow, it spreads quickly. DIY methods of mold removal are often ineffective, so you’re likely to need to pay for mold remediation from a professional.

Stopping Water Damage Before It’s Too Late

If you have a sump pump, it removes water before it comes into contact with your property. The dry environment means mold and mildew are unlikely to grow. 

A little prevention goes a long way. Although you might not use a sump pump every day, it will come in handy one day. It’s a preventative measure that could save you thousands of dollars. 

Other Benefits of Installing a Sump Pump

I’d you need more reasons to install a sump pump, consider the following ways in which you can benefit. 

Increase Property Value

Some home improvements pay for themselves by increasing property values, and a sump pump is one such improvement. When you decide to sell your home, a prospective buyer will appreciate the sump pump. 

Having a sump pump could make your home sell faster. Additionally, it could increase the selling price of your home. 

Peace of Mind

You have enough to worry about. If you feel a twinge of fear every time you hear about a rainstorm, you should consider installing a sump pump. When a storm approaches, you can rest easy knowing your home and your cherished belongings are safe. 

Less Frustration

If you are a victim of flooding, you will have a great deal of frustration. You need to find a reputable company to deal with the water, dispose of the damaged belongings and materials, and figure out how to handle repairs. 

You don’t need to deal with the frustration of a flooded basement. With a sump pump, you save yourself from ever having to handle the stress of a basement flood.

Who Stands to Benefit from a Sump Pump?

Every homeowner could benefit from having a sump pump. However, certain individuals are even more likely to need a sump pump than others. 

Homeowners with homes on slopes are more likely to need a sump pump. If the slope is towards your home, water will naturally flow to your structure. Additionally, if you live in a swampy area, a sump pump may be the only thing protecting you from water damage. 

SignsYou Need a Sump Pump

If you don’t already have a sump pump in your home, how can you tell you need one? You shouldn’t wait for a flood to decide to install a sump pump. In the event you notice any of the following, consider installing a sump pump:

  • Your basement seems to have too much moisture
  • Water drains naturally to your home
  • Mold grows in your basement

Of course, you don’t need a reason to install a sump pump. If you’re considering it, call your local plumber. They can explain more about the benefits of a sump pump and the installation process.

Do You Need a Mini Sump Pump?

If you’re ready to install a sump pump, call us at Reliability Home Services. Our team can advise you on the Stewartstown installation and handle the process every step of the way. Call us for your mini sump pump today.