While you may automatically associate spring time with a thorough cleaning of your home, the fall also presents an excellent opportunity to really get down to the dirt. You probably spent much of the summer enjoying the sunshine and concentrating on “fun stuff.” Meanwhile, dirt and dust continued to accumulate. Before you shut the windows and doors against the coming cold, take some time this fall to give your home a good clean. To be most effective, you’ll want to make sure that you have these five items on hand:

1 – Vacuum Cleaner

You’re going to need your vacuum to be running in top shape because it is going to get a workout this fall. Clean filters and if you have central vac, make sure the canister is empty. Vacuum out your draperies and window coverings. If the fabric permits, throw them in the dryer on the fluff cycle, which will get rid of a lot of dust that would have accumulated over the summer with those open windows. Vacuum your upholstered chairs and couches.

2 – Microfiber Cloths

Chances are those windows got grimy over the summer. Fill a spray bottle with window cleaner and get a stack of microfiber cloths. Clean each window inside and out. Also clean out window wells and window sills, which are often overlooked. You can also use these cloths to dust. Dust in between the slats on your blinds. Dust light fixtures and ceiling fan blades. If light fixtures are dirty (i.e. cup or bowl fixtures), unscrew the light and clean it out.

3 – Get Yourself a Rake

If you’ve got a yard with a lot of trees, you’ll need a quality rake to help you clean those up for the winter. Some leaves on the ground through the winter months can help insulate your grass, but too many will become too heavy and will cause damage that is difficult to repair come spring time.

4 – Stock Up on Lint Rollers

If you are a pet owner, you probably know the wonders of a lint roller for picking up pesky pet hair because it is so fine. Even if you vacuum regularly, it is hard to pick up all the air. Using a lint roller on your upholstered chair and couches is a little more labor intensive than a vacuum, but it is very effective.

5 – Vinegar is for Cooking AND Cleaning

You probably have vinegar hanging around in your pantry to use in cooking, but did you know that this is a natural (and cheap) wonder cleaner? You can use it everywhere, from countertops to bathrooms, to cleaning stainless steel appliances. Is your home ready for fall in Dundalk, MD? When it comes to tending to or troubleshooting your comfort systems, we can help. Call Reliability Home today at (443) 399-8663.