Have you noticed that your plumbing is backed up or gurgling? Do you smell sewage, or is your water bill higher than normal? If so, there may be a problem with your sewer line. If the sewer line is damaged, you’ll need the help of a professional plumber who can perform sewer line repair in Stewartstown, Maryland A licensed technician can inspect your plumbing system, diagnose the problem, and recommend the right solution. The problem may be as simple as removing some blockage or as involved as sewer line replacement. You can feel confident that a professional can handle the problem in either case.  Below we look at five warning signs you need to repair your sewer line.

What Is a Sewer Line, and Is It the Same As a Water Line?

To identify problems associated with the sewer line, you need to know what a sewer line is and how it differs from the waterline. The sewer line is a single pipeline that channels wastewater from your house to the main sewer line underneath your yard. Sewer lines are typically clay, orangeburg, cast iron, PVC, and ABS. If the sewer line carries sewage out of your plumbing system, the main water line delivers fresh water into your house via your toilet, sink, shower, and utility lines. Fortunately, the waterline and sewer line is not connected. So, the sewer line does not contaminate the waterline. Now let’s look at some symptoms of a bd sewer line.

1. Bad Odor Inside and Out

One of the most common signs of a problem with the sewer line is bad odor. The odor can be inside the house or outside. Even if the odor is coming from your neighbor’s yard, the source of the problem may be on your property underground. 

If the Odor Is Inside the House

There are several possible causes of bad odor in the house – bacteria buildup, dry p-trap, clogged vent pipes, grease buildup, or even your garbage disposal. If you try a few remedies, and nothing seems to work, the sewer line is probably clogged, causing sewage to back up in the pipes.

If the Odor is in the Yard

The sewer line typically runs deep in the ground across the front yard. If you smell sewage in the yard, the sewer line is probably damaged or disjointed. Sewage can leak out of the pipes and soak the yard, which is why you are smelling the odor. If so, you’ll need to schedule sewer line repair.

2. Gurgling Drain

Gurgling from a single pipe or fixture is typically a sign of a small, manageable problem you can handle. However, if you hear gurgling coming from multiple pipes, the problem is likely deep in your plumbing system along the sewer line. Chances are, the line is severely blocked, preventing sewage from passing through. When the sewage backs up, it can get into every line in your house. As a result, you will hear gurgling when you turn on the faucet. You’ll need to contact a company to perform plumbing repair services, including clearing out the pipes, replacing a section, or a complete sewer line repair.

3. Fluctuating Toilet Bowl Water Level

There are several possible causes of a fluctuating toilet bowl water level. 
  • Blocked air vent
  • Incorrect waste pipe position (pitch)
  • Crack in the porcelain trap
If the water level keeps going up and down, it could mean that there is a problem with the sewer line. A damaged or clogged line can cause inconsistent water flow at any given point throughout the day. The water level is high in one flush, and in the next flush, there is barely water in the bowl. It can indicate that the water is backing up due to a bad sewer line.

4. Water Won’t Drain

Like other plumbing problems, a slow-draining pipe may need a pipe cleaner or plunger to break up the buildup. However, if you notice that several pipes are backing up or that your efforts to clear a clogged drain aren’t working, it may mean that the blockage is in the sewer line.  Over time, calcium, lime, grease, and other materials can build up to where the water is completely blocked. Once this happens, it doesn’t take long for the water or sewage to back up the pipes.  For instance, you may take a shower and notice that the water is pooling around your feet. If you come back to the shower a few minutes later and the water is still pooling above the drain, you may need to schedule a sewer line replacement or repair. 

5. Increase in Your Water Bill

Since your sewer line is several feet below the ground, identifying problems directly can be difficult. So, you’ll need to look for other signs that you need sewer line repair. One symptom of a bad sewer line is a high water bill. Review your water bill over the last few months. You may notice that it has slowly gone up or a sudden spike in the rates. The problem could be that your sump pump is running nonstop to remove water flowing into your house. Where is the water coming from? There is a leak or backup in the sewer line. If you don’t fix the problem, the sump will continue running, causing an increase in your water bill. Contact a plumber in Stewartstown right away to fix the problem.

Schedule Sewer Line Repair in Stewartstown, Maryland 

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