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Water Line Repair and Installation Services in Dundalk, MD

An issue with your water line can cause severe damage to your property. Call us for main water line repair and replacement services in Dundalk, MD.
When you have an issue with your main water line, it’s important to get professional help as soon as possible. The longer the problem goes untreated, the more water damage the issue can cause in your home, leaving you with expensive repairs. When you need water pipe repair or replacement, call Reliability Home Services for prompt and expert service in the Dundalk, MD area.
When you have water line issues, you need a professional repair. Call us for help.

Common Water Main Issues

If you notice an issue with your main water line, take action and call a contractor immediately — after applying the shutoff valve to stop the flow of water. Leaving a problem untreated can put your home at risk for severe water damage. To be alert for potential problems, watch for these common issues in your system:

Especially if your system is older, be on the lookout for holes or cracks as corrosion can develop due to soil or frost.


If pipes are under too much pressure, they can burst. This can lead to water flowing to the surface, in the streets, on your lawn, or in your basement. If this happens, you’re at risk for contaminated water, which means you need to stop using appliances and stop drinking the water in your home.


While leaky valves are common issues, they need to be treated by a professional.

How to Detect a Leak

To limit the water damage to your home, it’s critical to identify a leak as soon as possible. If left untreated, a water line leak can cause damage to your flooring and walls, not to mention that mildew and mold can form. To detect a leak as early as possible, look for these signs:

The presence of mold or mildew on your walls or floor can signal a leak.


Moisture or water on your walls and floors can indicate a leak.


While a lush lawn can be attractive, if it’s fuller than usual it can indicate a leak that’s providing extra moisture and fertilizer to the grass.


If your water meter is running even after you’ve turned off all water fixtures, it can signal a leak.

If you suspect a water leak in your Dundalk, MD home, promptly call a professional water leak detection company, like Reliability Home Services, to inspect and repair the issue.
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Water Main Repair and Replacement Tips

Main water pipe repairs can be serious, and should always be handled by a professional. If you suspect an issue, follow these tips to getting it repaired:

If you suspect there’s a problem, the first step is to immediately call an expert to diagnose and repair the issue.


While inspecting your system, a professional can help determine if the issue can be repaired or if you need a full replacement. Some symptoms that can signal you need replacement is if your home is over 50 years old or if you’ve had frequent plumbing issues.


If you’re hesitant to have your system replaced because you don’t want your yard dug up, ask the contractor about trenchless options. This allows you to replace the water main without digging across your entire property.


Before any work is done on your water line, call 8-1-1 to ensure there are no dangers near the pipes, such as electrical or gas lines.

Any issue with your water line should be taken seriously and promptly treated to prevent severe damage to your home. For main water line repair and replacement, call Reliability Home Services at 443-399-8663 for appointments in the Dundalk, MD area.

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