Gas Leak Detection

Dundalk Gas Leak Detection Service

A gas leak isn’t something to ignore. If you suspect you have a gas leak but aren’t sure, call Reliability Home Services and ask about our gas leak detection service right away!
Most times, a gas leak in the house is apparent; you smell the telltale odor of rotten eggs. However, sometimes, you don’t smell anything, and you or someone in your family can end up getting sick because of carbon monoxide poisoning. If you think gas may be causing you to get sick, call a professional gas company right away for help.

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What Causes Gas Leaks?

Gas leaks result from a variety of problems, but one of the most common is that appliances are poorly fitted or not adequately maintained. If your gas appliance wasn’t installed correctly, the gas can escape from the hose near the seal. Also, many older or used appliances develop leaks, and you should exercise caution when using them. To be sure your gas appliance is installed correctly, always get a professional contractor to install it.

Detecting Gas Leaks

As mentioned above, gas leaks are usually easy to identify because of the smell. Gas is odorless, but gas companies mix a chemical called mercaptan into the gas to give it a distinctive smell. If you smell sulfur or rotten eggs, call a gas leak detection company right away. Sometimes, people find out they have a gas leak because they feel ill. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include:
If you experience any of the above symptoms, get out of the house immediately, and call for help.

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Do These Things if You Suspect a Gas Leak

Since faulty or poorly installed appliances almost always cause gas leaks, the best way to ensure you don’t have a leak is to get your appliances checked and installed by a pro. If, however, you suspect you have a leak, do these things to keep safe:
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A gas leak is a serious problem that requires expert help. Call Reliability Home Services at 443-399-8663 in the Dundalk area if you suspect you have a gas leak.

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