1. Convenience

By scheduling your heating inspection before you turn the heat on for the first time, you will avoid the need for emergency repairs and the fees that come with them. Schedule at your leisure in the off-season and have no worries when the freezing temperatures come to town. HVAC companies get very busy when the temperatures start to drop.

2.Preventive Maintenance Will Save You Time and Money

Getting into the habit of having your heating system inspected annually by a reputable HVAC contractor will save you money in the long run. Identifying small problems in your system can prevent disasters from occurring when winter arrives. You also may find special discounts in the off-season and save big bucks.

3.HVAC Professionals Inspect More Than Just Your Furnace

Thermostats, vents, air ducts, chimneys, and wiring should be checked for safety before running your heating system. Small problems with ventilation or the thermostat can lead to reduced heating efficiency.


The Center for Disease Control recommends you have your heating system serviced annually by a qualified technician to prevent Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Gas systems are checked for leaks, lower the risk of explosion. While the heating systems today are much safer than in the past, there are still fire hazards and other risks that come with being warm in the winter months. Have someone qualified check out your system and perform whatever tasks necessary to guarantee safety in your home.

5.Lower Fuel Costs

A properly maintained heating system heats your home quicker and uses less fuel than one not adjusted for optimum performance. With the always rising cost of fuel, you can lose big bucks with an inefficient furnace.

6.Your Warranty May Require It

Some companies will not honor their warranty if you don’t have your system checked regularly. Check your warranty to see if this applies to your system. Overall, it is in our best interests to go into the cold months with the confidence that our heating system will operate safely and efficiently. Save time and money and call an HVAC professional in your area now before the snow starts to fail.

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