If you want to make sure your home is warm in the winter and comfortably cool in the summer months, then it will be wise to have your heating and cooling systems checked and serviced by a reputable heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) company before these seasons come around.

Preferably an annual inspection and a tune-up plan should be in place for your heating and cooling systems, so if you don’t have something like that scheduled, then definitely call in the experts for a tune-up.

Why is it advisable to have this tune-up at least before winter or summer season rolls around? Because, first and foremost the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that it is advisable to have the HVAC systems checked at least once a year. This is to prevent the build up of carbon monoxide, which is very dangerous when inhaled. A lot of people die every year because they were subjected to inhaling this odorless carbon monoxide gas that was building up in their homes, all because of defective heating systems.

Also in order to have an effective heating during the winter months, a tune-up is required to clear up the furnace of clogged soot and other debris. This will allow free flow of clean hot air throughout the home and also extend the life of the heating and cooling systems.

For cost-effectiveness, it is always cheaper to have the furnace inspected and serviced. An HVAC system that is not services routinely is more prone to breakdown; something will require thousands of dollars to replace.

Taking into consideration all above-mentioned reasons why every heating and cooling systems should be serviced, below are seven recommended pre-winter heating and cooling tune-up services:

  • Have all the gas lines inspected to make sure there are no leaks. Clean and adjust all gas burners.
  • Furnaces in general emits gas that can pose danger to people so it wise to inspect and get rid of all blockages from debris from the exterior vents.
  • Have the vents and ductwork inside the house inspected for blockages and cleaned out.
  • For the cooling systems, an inspection of all cooling system parts such as the belts and hoses have to be inspected. Have a pressure check to ensure there are no leaks coming from the coolant, hoses and the water pump.
  • Change or wash the air filters. Dust build-up on filters can hinder the efficient flow of heat throughout the home. Dirty filters can also cause damage to the system and can even be a potential fire hazard.
  • Clean the condenser coil to avoid damage to the compressor.
  • Check operation pressure and oil up all parts.

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