Although they might look simple, air conditioners are complex pieces of machinery. Repairing and maintaining air conditioners takes an experienced hand, but that doesn’t mean you can’t understand the basics of your HVAC system in Stewartstown Before you call your heating and air contractors near me, check out this troubleshooting guide. 

Why You Need to Fix Your AC

One night is all it could take to make you realize how much you need your air conditioner. If your air conditioner fails you on a hot day, it won’t be long before the temperature is unbearable. You may be able to get a repair quickly if you know how to troubleshoot your AC.

In some cases, your air conditioner won’t completely die when it’s broken. It might just fail to work as well as it should. All too often, homeowners use this as an excuse to put off their repair. But you shouldn’t wait to call for assistance, and there are three reasons for this.

First, putting off the repair could result in a more costly fix. A minor issue worsens over time until it’s no longer minor. Instead of paying a small amount for a repair, you could be left with a hefty bill.

Secondly, waiting for a repair could result in the need for a new installation. If an issue is serious enough, it will ruin your air conditioner. The cost of a new system is high, and you may need to prematurely replace your AC because you didn’t get a repair soon enough. 

Finally, your hesitancy may lead to sky-high energy bills. It’s common for HVAC issues to decrease the system’s efficiency. While you may be saving money on a repair bill, you lose money on your utility bills. In the end, the high energy bills could be more than your repair.

Expert Tips for Troubleshooting

If you want to figure things out on your own, follow these troubleshooting tips:

Check the Thermostat

If you’re lucky, the issue with your AC is something as simple as an improper setting on your thermostat. The first thing you should do is check the thermostat. At times, user error is mistaken for a problem with the AC. 

For instance, you could have your thermostat set to heat instead of cool. Or, it might be set to fan. There’s also a chance the thermostat needs new batteries. After you replace the batteries, the AC could kick back on. A thermostat without batteries can’t connect with the air conditioner. 

Change the Air Filter

There’s another potentially easy fix to your AC problems. If you have a dirty filter, your air conditioner won’t work the way it should. In fact, it might not work at all. 

You can troubleshoot this on your own by pulling out the air filter. Even if it doesn’t seem dirty, replace the filter with a new one.  HVAC systems can be very sensitive, and a dirty filter could be enough to keep yours from working at all. 

Check the Breaker

Before you call the home heating and plumbing, check your circuit breaker. All it takes is one tripped breaker for your AC to stop working. Once again, this is an easy fix.

Head to the breaker box and look at the switches. Are any switches tripped? If so, read the diagram and see if it correlates with your AC. Assuming it does, switch the breaker and wait for your HVAC system to turn on. 

Look in Your Air Vents

A blockage in your air duct keeps air from flowing through your system and cooling your home. Typically, dust and dirt accumulate in vents and can cause clogs. House pests, like rats and mice, may also build nests that result in blockages in your system.

To determine whether or not this is the issue, peer into the vents. Do you see any debris? If so, you might just need a technician to come out and clean your vents or ductwork.

Know When it’s Time to Call an Expert

Although you may be able to handle some minor HVAC issues on your own, most of the troubleshooting is best left to the experts. It’s always wise to consult with a reputable HVAC technician for your repairs. They can troubleshoot and diagnose the issue with your air conditioner. 

If you experience any of the following problems, you need a professional to help you:

Weird Noises from your AC Unit

When your air conditioner has issues, it could begin to make strange noises. These noises could sound like banging, clanking, or whistling. Generally, strange noises could be any number of issues. When you call a professional, they can determine the cause.

Outdoor Unit Issues

The condenser unit is a sensitive piece of equipment that needs a special touch. If you suspect there’s an issue with the exterior unit or you see signs of damage, don’t try to troubleshoot or fix it. You could end up voiding your warranty, which may end up costing you thousands of dollars. 

Poorly Installed AC

If you live in a new home or recently replaced your air conditioner, the installation could be to blame. Sadly, the only way to remedy this may be a new installation. 

Any Time You’re Unsure

It’s always a good time to call an HVAC technician. When you’re not sure why your AC is malfunctioning or you suspect an issue with the system, call an HVAC company immediately.

Even the most talented DIYers can’t repair air conditioners. Technicians have years of training and experience, which makes them qualified to tackle all of the intricacies of air conditioners. They’re ready for anything and can handle the toughest of problems. 

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