Humidifiers are become less of a luxury and more of a necessity. Not only do they increase the air quality of the home, but they can actually make the home a more comfortable place for all that live there. Studies have shown that there are three ways that a humidifier can help make the home a haven, here’s the scoop.

They Reduce Allergens

Are you constantly sneezing and have watery eyes? If so you probably suffer from allergies. Many people are on a maintenance medication to control these horrific problems, but what they don’t realize is the very home they live in may be the problem. Depending on where you live and what kind of furnace system you have, your home may be a breading grown for allergy suffers. So rather than suffer unnecessarily, a humidifier can purify the air. Many that suffer with allergies have found that after they improve their air quality, their symptoms improve too.

Reduces The Risk Of Mold

Mold is a four letter word that everyone fears. It’s that black or green fungus that seems to cause breathing problems and massive damage. In a home it can be a disaster. A humidifier works by removing the humid from the air. It removes the perfect breeding ground for mold so that it cannot grow. Mold needs certain conditions to grow. If the air is moist and humid in your home, you could have a mold issue. Why not remove that moisture and ensure that you won’t deal with this costly problem. The cost of a humidifier could never compare to the cost of mold removal and doctor bills due to mold related issues.

Improves Overall Comfort

If you are breathing great, your eyes aren’t water and there is no mold, then your home would be more comfortable. It not only improves your ability to provide a safe environment for all that live in your household, but it ensures that the air you’re breathing in is not filled with toxic contaminants. If you are constantly suffering from sinus conditions, asthma and other breathing related problems, it’s time you consider the humidity levels inside your home. When looking inside the humidifier at the filters, the black build up that is collected from the air is shocking. To think that all that could have been inhaled by someone in the home is unquestionable. Hire a professional HVAC technician in the Dundalk area today! Call Reliability Home at (443) 399-8663 for our top-notch services.