HVAC system ensures that your Dundalk house is conditioned to maintain an appropriate atmosphere for comfortable living indoors. This unit contains many components that include, cooling, heating and ventilation that work harmoniously to achieve the desired results.

This means that if any of these components break down, the whole system may shut down leading to poorly conditioned indoors spaces. While there is an array of factors that contribute to their breakdown, the following five causes are the most common.

1. Dirty Filters

The ventilation system picks up a lot of dust during the winter and summer. This is when the HVAC systems are mostly used.

It is recommended that the filters in the unit should be replaced after every month, and the utmost in three months.

When the dust accumulates on the filters, the whole system overheats since there isn’t enough air going through. This causes the motor to over work, producing unpleasant noise and eventually breakdown.

Replacing filters will increase the lifetime of your Dundalk unit, saves on energy costs and also ensures that only clean air circulates indoors.

2. Broken Thermostats

Thermostats perform several functions in an HVAC unit that include, temperature control, humidity control, controlling fan speed, controlling pneumatic actuators and dampers amongst others. When the thermostat malfunctions, the whole system does not perform properly.

Thermostats can break down or malfunction due to faulty wiring, or due to ice build-up within the AC system. The AC system can freeze if insects build up inside or when the dirt accumulates hampering proper air flow.

The cold and sometimes frozen air remains within the system causing the thermostats to break down.

3. Leaking Refrigerant

The cooling systems utilize refrigerants for cooling purposes. If there is any leakage within the system, the condenser malfunctions, and therefore it can’t perform efficiently.

4. Improperly Balanced Dampers

Dampers are set to regulate air flow to each of the rooms in the house. When they are not properly balanced, then it means some rooms will be getting warmer or cooler than others.

5. Tripped Breakers

When the air conditioner overheats, it draws more current and, therefore, the circuit can break. This can arise from dirty air filters or the dirty condenser coils. Breakers rarely trip, and if it trips more than once, then you need an expert to check the whole system.

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