The gas pressure switch in your heating unit closes to allow electrical current to pass and basically start the ignition of your furnace.

By checking the gas pressure, you can ensure that this switch is not getting stuck, restricting the flow of power to the inducer, and not allowing the ignition sequence to properly begin.

This complicated system should be checked regularly to ensure that it is running efficiently. If the gas pressure is not correct, it will in turn affect the combustion air blower too. Here are some ways to check the gas switch to make certain everything is operating correctly

Step 1 – Inspecting the Control Board

The first process for checking the gas pressure in your heating unit is to carefully examine the control board. Check to see if the pressure switch has an obstacle in its path causing it to be stuck. While checking the switch, look at the tiny hoses that are connected to the switch, because any accumulation of water in these hoses will also cause the pressure to be off.

Be sure the switch does not have any mechanical issues, because a faulty switch can cause significant problems with the gas pressure.While you have the system open and are looking at the control board, be on the lookout for any faulty wires too.

Step 2 – Inspecting the Pressure Switch

If you are familiar with using an ohmmeter, now you can check the gas pressure when heat is needed by ensuring the pressure switch is closing and opening properly To do this, turn off the furnace, then take off one of the power hoses and begin to blow on it.

Use your ohmmeter to see if that switch is operating correctly. Now, suck some air out of the pressure hose and see if the switch is still operating properly with your meter. Be sure that you check the inducer and secondary exchanger to see if the ports of the exhaust might be blocked.

Step 3 – Repairing the Pressure Switch

When testing the pressure switch, if you noticed it was stuck, that small plunger might be operating incorrectly and only bobs when pressure builds.

Use a wire brush and clean cloth to remove any blockages from the secondary exchanger or inducer. make sure to adjust the condensation trap so water will reach the drain while gases are then properly trapped

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