After a brutal summer, your AC deserves some downtime. But you can’t send it out for a day at the spa, so what should you do to give your AC the care it deserves? Learn more about what you can do to maintain your cooling system in the fall and winter, and find out the value of relying on a Stewartstown air conditioner maintenance service.  

Clean Your Filters

As hard as you might try to clean your filters regularly, life gets in the way. You should attempt to replace your filters every three to four months, but this doesn’t mean the change actually happens. For this reason, you should always be sure to change your filters at the end of the summer.  

Even if you do change your filters every three months, it’s beneficial to replace them after a long season of use. One summer is all it takes to clog up your filter and slow down your HVAC system. For a more efficient AC and a better air quality, replace your filter at the end of each season.   

Seal Your Windows

Long before another hot season arrives, you should seal up your windows. First, this will ensure cold air doesn’t escape from your home when AC is on. Secondly, it keeps your home warmer in the winter. Instead of escaping through gaps around your window, heat will remain inside.   

Before you get started, check your windows. Do they have tight seals around them? If not, take a caulk gun and load it up with caulk. Run the caulk along your window frames to close up any openings.    

Clean Up Debris

Over the course of the summer, your outdoor AC unit will be surrounded by debris. Grass clippings, branches, and leaves make their way around your unit, sometimes ending up inside it.   

Inspect your outdoor unit for debris. If you clean the area around your unit, you may be able to prevent debris from entering your AC. At this point, you may notice some plants growing close to the condenser. It’s also useful to remove these plants and position them somewhere that won’t interfere with your AC.   

Clean the Coils

This is a job that’s best left for the experts, but it deserves mention. After heavy use, your AC’s coils will be dirty. The dirt prevents the coils from working well, which compromises your home’s cooling.   

Because the coils are sensitive, they’re easy to damage. A DIY cleaning could easily result in a broken component. To avoid damage, you should rely on a professional for coil cleaning.   

Cover Up the Unit

Unless you plan on using your AC during the winter, you should cover it. The exterior unit is already exposed to the harsh summer sun, and there’s nothing you can do about that. However, you can protect your unit from the wind, snow, and ice of the winter by covering it up.   

A cover also keeps debris from building up in the unit. If you have trees near your AC, a cover can save you from needing to constantly check on your unit. For window units, you should consider completely removing the AC.   

Most AC units don’t come with covers, but you can purchase one from the manufacturer or online. Although it will cost you a little up front, the expense could save you from needing a much more expensive repair.   

Address Any Concerns

Have you been worried about strange noises coming from your AC, or a lack of cold air? All too often, people dismiss their concerns about their air conditioner. Before the winter arrives, have an expert come out and address your concerns.  

What seems like a minor issue could actually be a sign your AC is about to fail. If you don’t speak with a technician and schedule a repair, your air conditioner could fail you when you need it the most in the summer.  

Full Cleaning of the Condenser Unit

Once again, this is something you shouldn’t attempt to do on your own. Your coils aren’t the only dirty AC components. The whole unit needs a thorough cleaning, and this is a major job best left for the experts.  

Before doing anything, a professional will turn off the condenser unit. Then, they’ll vacuum the debris out from the exterior fins with a special attachment. If any fins are bent, they’ll straighten them out with the appropriate tool.   

To access the fan, the technician needs to remove the top grill. Removing the fan is challenging, as the blades could bend or the wires could disconnect. Once the fan is out, it’s easier to remove debris from inside the unit and wipe off the surfaces.   

It’s likely that a reputable technician will spray the fan with a hose before reattaching everything. After that, they can reattach everything and make sure the AC sounds the way it should.   

The Importance of Winterizing Your AC

Winter is a tough time of year. In the winter, the environment can be devastating to your outdoor AC unit. The low temperatures and ice could transform a fully functional AC into a useless piece of equipment.   

If you don’t winterize your AC, all of the following issues could occur:   

  • Rusting of parts
  • Nesting of rodents
  • Debris accumulation

The next time you need your air conditioner, it may not work at all. By performing end-of-season maintenance, you prevent the need for repairs, extend the life of your system, and save yourself from living in discomfort.  

Schedule Your Maintenance Today

If you don’t want to get behind on your maintenance, look for a company that offers services for air and heating near me. They can handle all of your maintenance and give you advice o other ways to keep your AC running smoothly.   

During annual or semi-annual maintenance, a technician does more than the basic cleaning of your AC. They perform a full inspection of your system, giving you the comfort of knowing your cooling won’t fail you. When you call us at Reliability Homes Services for air conditioner maintenance service in Stewartstown, you can trust that your system is in good hands. Contact us today.