While August 21st might be a day to celebrate all of the great things about aging and our senior citizen population right here in Maryland, World Senior Citizen’s Day should never include your home’s heating and cooling system. People often age like a fine wine, an old HVAC system will simply cause more and more problems. Today, we’re going to help you identify some of the signs of an aging system so that you can recognize when it’s time for a new HVAC in your home.

Know When to Change Your Air Filter

One of the most common issues, especially in older HVAC systems, is the air filter. Many people don’t know how to identify an old air filter, or how often to change the air filter in their new HVAC system. It’s generally recommended that people at least check and preferably change their air filters every three months. However, you should check the condition of your air filter once monthly, especially if you run either your heat or your air conditioner more than six months a year. Your air filter should never be covered in dust. If you see that, it should be replaced immediately.

Dirty Air Causes Health Issues

Old HVAC systems can either cause or exacerbate different health issues in people. Essentially, with an old HVAC system, the airflow in your house is dirty and can carry with it dust, mold, and other potentially toxic materials. In some cases, the Environmental Protection Agency (also known as the EPA) has stated that indoor air is even more dangerous than outdoor air. Signs of air trouble in your home include: A smell that seems noticeably “stuff” or stale, a higher humidity point (where the air in your house just seems heavy or moist), or just feeling healthier when you’re outside of your home. The dirty air can be caused by a variety of factors, including old, dusty air filters or mold build up in your ducts.

What HVAC Services Can Help?

All HVAC systems have an expiration date. However, proper maintenance can help keep your system running well for many years. It is recommended by most professionals to have especially old HVAC systems serviced twice a year – with the heat being checked in the Fall and the air conditioning being checked in the Spring. A professional HVAC service technician will come to your house and check both the safety and the efficiency of your system and recommend any additional services, if necessary. According to the Department of Energy, HVAC systems in homes where they get regular use should be replaced at least every 10 to 15 years. While many things in this life should be allowed to age gracefully, like a fine Merlot or your grandmother Myrtle, your HVAC system should not be one of them. If you’re unsure of the age or health of your own HVAC system, contact us at (443) 399-8663 for assistance. Don’t let your old HVAC system cause you problems, call Reliability Home Services today, we’d be happy to come out and help!