Temperature is one factor that can play a major role in your comfort level inside your home, and ideally, the thermostat setting will enable you to create an even temperature across each room in your Dundalk home.

Unfortunately, however, this is not always the case. In many homes, temperature is inconsistent from room to room, and this creates an uncomfortable living environment. There are some steps that homeowners can take to improve this situation and to have a more comfortable indoor living environment.

Check Your Insulation

If you have not had your home’s insulation checked in recent years, now may be a great time to set up an appointment with a heating and cooling system specialist for an inspection. The insulation in your attic as well as in the exterior walls of the home serve the important function of keeping the climate-controlled air inside the home and not allowing it to escape.

When it does escape, it changes the temperature in the room. In some homes, the insulation is not even in the walls and ceiling for different reasons, and this creates a temperature inconsistency. Your specialist will tell you if additional insulation would benefit you.

Check Your Air Ducts

While insulation issues are a common cause of some temperature inconsistencies, the air ducts are also a common cause. Air ducts are long, insulated tubes that carry the climate-controlled air from the HVAC system into the different rooms of the home. When some of the tubes are damaged, all of the air may not reach the rooms where it is needed. Damage can come from everything from a nail or screw to pest issues and more. Repairing damage to the air ducts is a great way to resolve the issue of a temperature inconsistency, and your HVAC technician can inspect your ducts to determine if there are any damaged areas that may be creating an issue for you.

Set Up an Appointment

Many of the issues with insulation and air ducts that are causing your home to have a temperature differential may also result in wasted energy, higher than normal utility bills and even added wear and tear on your HVAC unit. Therefore, this issue is about more than your comfort level. If you have noticed that your Dundalk home’s HVAC system is not heating or cooling your home evenly, today may be the perfect day to set up an appointment for a duct and insulation inspection with a technician.

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